Do we seriously need that many fucks?

I have a very tiring day today bcos my #1 suddenly said he wants to do a BBQ for his friends. Doh! So, 1.30 pm, I rushed to Tesco to buy some stuffs, 2.30 pm my #2 called me to pick him from scout activity and hence, I had to rush to school from Tesco. 3.00 pm I had to season the chicken, cut the wateva and store them.

Then, by 4.00 pm, wah piang feel like wanna pamcit with all the tantrums from toddler while shopping and riding in the car. He wants KFC chicken drumstick but he also wants McDonald’s toy. No negotiation of course. He demanded me to drop his #2 brother by the roadside and not let him come home.

So, I went for some ‘therapy’ and felt recharged. What therapy lah? Oi, dun ask so many questions, can? The kind where it makes you feel on cloud nine. Like chocolate binge like that lah.

So, anyway, after all the last minute preparations of tomyam beehoon, cili tuna sandwiches, BBQ chicken, grilled prawns and fried wantan, I wanna melt into the sofa. But niapong, atm put on The Departed.

Now, I am fucking tired of listening to those motherfuckers cussing fuck every few seconds until the whole 100 minutes like there is no other way to talk except to fuck every two words in a sentence. I tell you….I don’t know what’s wrong with the fucking movies nowadays and especially those from the fucking US of A. Doh, don’t these muthafuckers ain’t know no other words than the word fuck and do they fucking need to add it in every single one of their sentences?

*wash mouth with dettol and clorox, gargle with listerine, sprays room with disinfectant*

So, my point is – What the fuck is wrong with the world? Seriously, do we need that many fucks to get our points across? You tell me. Oh yeah, use it. I give you the permission to use the eff word today. *prays Google doesn’t titik hitam me*

24 thoughts on “Do we seriously need that many fucks?

  1. Actually I think Jack Nicholson is the godfather of “fucks” in movies. Seriously, watch all his movies, he doesn’t give a damn. And I think that’s why people like watching his movies, he just doesn’t give a DAMN.

  2. well, sometimes we do….

    but then again, in this country… fuck all the way also no use… it will the same old thing.

  3. Wah .. so pampered.

    Last time, I had to walk from chung hwa (the green lane one) back to home at bayan baru, wah piang .. 3 hours leh ..

    Wearing scout leather shoe, which is 1 size too big. Blisters everywhere. But I enjoyed it!

  4. Owh .. that time, no taxi, 2 am in the morning. No bus either ..

    And, I wouldn’t dare to call home to ask daddy to fetch (or was it daddy not home) and .. kena chase by dog .. and .. whoa .. thinking back .. really missed the good ol days.

  5. over here in the UK we have to make sure the kids sleep by 8 because after that there are a lot of programs that contain use of “strong language”

  6. Ya , i really don’t fucking understand why the fuck they need to say so many fucking fucks when they want to fuck someone up. maybe they are just some fucking idiots who cannot get enough fucks in life so the have to fuck while they speak.

    hahahaaaa!! i love fucks! got fucking character when we fuck while talking. Like a fucking cowboy lidat.

  7. Who the FUCK gives a FUCKING damn what this FUCKING world is Turning FUCKING into!! Just Stay out of FUCKING trouble and of my FUCKING life and I wouldn’t give a FUCK what you want to say or FUCKING DO!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA..HOOOOOhaaa!! now I really need to hit the Church later for the Stations of the Cross after those Fuck words above hahahaha

    Point of thought..maybe its because they use and hear it soo often that it actually becomes part of their vocab that they don’t feel that its no longer a swear word but part of the noun or verbs in a sentence..but like I said earlier..who gives a FUCKING damn…hehehe

  8. i agree with u about ppl overusing the ‘f’ word even tho i am guilty of using it sometimes myself. not a nice word at all, lets start a bloggers against the ‘f’ word campaign.

  9. i can see u pulling yr hair cos u kena entertain yr son’s request. Wait next week they go bek to sch liao. HAHAHAH

  10. Agree. Occasionally use the cuss word f*ck are therapeutic, powderful and give you an ummmphhh!!!! If keep using it for every sentence, it carried less weight. Like some silent people suddenly break out a “f*ck”, it will give a shock to many. 🙂

  11. What the fuck? So many fuckers commented. How the fuck can I reply all? Hehhehe, ok, that’s enough, all of you! 😛

  12. aunty… it is confirmed in the imdb, this is the movie with the most uses of the word FUCK, 237 times, to ever won the best picture in the OSCARS!!!!!

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