The poor abused mom

First, they get to eat :


Shiny-shiny, tasty-tasty barbequed chicken while I eat:


Shiny-shiny, artificial ‘meat’ in the form of grilled portobello mushroom. Let’s say the mushroom is the equivalent of a life-sized, rubber dildo, ok?

Then hor….one evening while I was sitting down with my Acer in the living room, they said my Boney-M hair is blocking their TV viewing. So, they gave me a scout scarf to tie the hair:


But that’s not enough. They start piling a jar of prunes, a box of chocolates and see how long these can stay on my head. Meanwhile, you know what I was doing ah? I was bertungkus-lumus-ing writing paid posts to earn money lor. See kui kia.

Me : Eh, stop that lah, I cannot concentrate. I am earning money and working, you know?

Kids : See how long you can balance.

Me : Of course I can balance lah. Last time your mom used to model you know? Catwalk you know. You never see my photos ah?


So, they pile on the Astro remote control. And it came toppled down.


And they don’t give up. This time, they put the whole sofa, astro remote control, jar of prune, a tube of candy and a book.

See lah, you say I am the abused mom or not? And I threaten to blog them if they don’t stop. And no, they don’t. They took photos too. That’s what I call blogging spirit!

21 thoughts on “The poor abused mom

  1. The chicken looks so delicioussss!!!!

    aiks..kesian..luckily they didnt try to balance themselves on top of the cushion! x( hehe

  2. huei – Got ler, the toddler 15 kg sitting on top. Betul-betul naik atas kepala mia, ini bebudak sekalian. Hahaha.

  3. terence – And I thot you are going to say ‘The LOHS are like that, live with it.’

    janice – Hehehe, preparing you for motherhood.

    pinksterz – yes, please, make repot.

  4. wah no eye see …

    gimme ur address aunty, i kirim you one ROTAN …4 feet long, 1.5 inch diameter …

    we cal that ta kau kuan …

  5. PC – That time 18-22 time anything I oso dare to do wan. One time I dyed my hair red with a heart shape for a hair show oso. But hor..must sign contract that I cannot eat at hawker places or hang out at those kind of places. Niamah, my bf that time only naik moto bike, how to live that kind of lifestyle. So I never signed up la. I sexy-tary got better salary also.

    earl-ku – Wuah, you into S&M? Keep that kind of rotan for what la you?

    wuching – My mom would tell me lightning strike me die lor.

    danny – Got….First runner up, Miss O-E Design (nay..the jewellry company?) Don’t believe? Next time when I have the guts, I blog it.

    ahpek – You lucky lah, yr girls all big big liao. Not like my monkeys.

    clare – Grit the teeth and enjoy the ride!

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