Advertisers are fighting for us bloggers – Faster check out FriedBeef!

There is nothing like a nice blog war to keep the adrenalin pumping. So, in case you guys do not notice, two companies are wooing us bloggers. Firstly, if you can write decently well, go start a blog. If you already have a blog, go get your own domain. If you already own a blog and your own domain, go improve your blog. Read my Make$Money$ to find out how. Get ready for the big wave, don’t get drown or left behind like dead fishes. Unless you are the elitists who don’t need money to live.

Now, the next big thing on the internet is blog advertising. I earned errm…close to RM800 just last night. Reference to my previous post. Convert the figure to RM.

So, there are three types of making money method. One is paid posts. The other one is the contextual ads like Adsense where things pop up related to our post. And the third one which we should focus on now is the banner ads served by local companies.

Aren’t you excited to see local companies banner on your blog? You do? Ok, now, two companies are trying to woo us to sign up with them. You can sign up with both and sit back and wait. But if you are curious what both companies have to offer, go read James Yeang of interview – Advertlets vs Nuffnang : The Battle for Malaysian Blog Advertising .


(eh, insert pic here can or not? Wanna rub shoulders with the femes peeples mah. Nay, the left one is James Yeang lor. Then, Kid Chan and LiewCF)

Make sure you read every bits and pieces because woohoo…I can smell smoke. I likey! I like it when two parties are debating over issues. I just sit there and look left, look right, look left and look right with the mouth open as they pass the ball like a game of tennis. Can get the adrenalin pumping baru shiok and ada oomph!

Meanwhile, I say ‘jia-yew, jia-yew’ to both companies. Send in the ads and let us see the $$$. More of my opinions on Make$Money$. Eh, if you want to know how many unique hits and page views you get everyday, you can see it on nuffnang. Check out my post here.

So, I hope this post makes you not so sleepy on a Saturday afternoon.

10 thoughts on “Advertisers are fighting for us bloggers – Faster check out FriedBeef!

  1. you crazy woman!! how to write 10 paid post in one night hah? really gila lah you!! No wonder I see your picture shoot up into 4th.placing among the top earners!!

  2. ahpek: u see wat time she post la. she eat paid post, drink paid post, see paid post, talk paid post, yet she dun sleep.

    maybe sleep oso she thinking forcasting her next paid post. šŸ˜›

  3. James – Yes, I am sure all of us get a better picture and perspective of things with your relevant interview questions.

    terence – Wait I send you so kopi Tongkat Ali.

    AhPek – Not 10 but 20 ler. Filler posts leh? Filler posts are much more difficult to write, you know? But late at night, no interruption can be done wan.

    si heng – *cheers to a better blogsphere and richer too* YammmSengggg….Liquor goes well with fried beef. LOL. Lame joke, I know.

  4. cincau – Yalor, I memang like that wan. I sleep oso woke up after dreamt that got new posts to write. LOL. True wan, sometimes, in my sleep I heard MSN calling and I woke up.

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