Sobby-sobby tale of a mom and a sleepy kid on bike

So, today hor, I finally never screwed up with my Powerpoint slides. I dunno how many times I screwed up the timing and caused the whole church to ter-choke on their words or the cantors (singers) to ter-cekik on their hymns because I ter-lambat in changing slides. Praise God for that. Phew….Anyway, it may be because my leader is not sitting next to me and therefore, I only do the real concentration. Other time, I pway-pway and knew he will helped me out. So today, he threw me into the deep end of the sea and I only want to swim properly.

Anyway, the moral of today’s story is very sob-sob wan. But since it is the weekend, I don’t want to foul up anyone’s mood. So, let me tell you in a humourous way, ok? Usually, I wear waterproof mascara but today, I itchy butt used a non-waterproof wan. So, I went to church, dem high like that with a gold handbag, gold earrings I bought from April and gold shoes. All made up nice-nice ‘cos my church folks all kaya-kaya and hensem-hensem wan. Bwahahaha…Doctors lah, lawyers lah, macam-macammmmm ada.

Ok, rewind abit. I was driving along Green Lane which is like the main artery of our roads. Meaning lots of bikes and cars zooming past. I stopped at the Caltex station, opposite the Buddhist temple/Convent Green Lane there to turn into Jalan Besi where my church is. I was waiting for the light to turn green.

So, in front of my car was this woman, perching on her beat-up Honda 70 motorbike. In front of the bike, hung a kid’s school bag. Then, I notice that in front at the basket, her kid was dozing off. The kid is about 4-5 years old, as big as my toddler and he was wearing a loose helmet.

Then, I so-so kesian to notice that the poor kid had dozed off and the helmet about to drop. The mom was holding him with one hand, holding the bike with another and trying to wake the kid to sit properly. Aiyor….as a mom, it broke my heart. Then, the light changed to green and she was struggling hard to keep him straight in the basket, hold the bike and the school bag was dangling.

I know most of you would have cursed, “How could she subject her kid to danger like this?” But frankly, I don’t think she has any other choice. Bike is all she can afford. She probably cannot rely on those useless public transport that have no access to her area. She cannot afford even a taxi ride because they charge exorbitant fees. So, what can she do but to ferry her child like that? And poor kid is sleepy and can’t help it.

Aiyor…I tell you. I got to the church and wanted to forget it already because what can I do apart from silently pray that nothing bad will happen to her and her child? But hor, after holy communion, I wanted to burst out crying already. Somemore the song ‘Give thanks’ was so touching.

So, kena tahan like siao ‘cos I don’t want to have panda eyes, screwed up the subsequent slides and make a scene. Doing those slides, though looks so easy (that’s why itchy butt go volunteer) need a certain discipline and timing. So, I breath-in-breath-out until the choking feelings were over. Otherwise, I tell you, habis the whole church become dumb because muahahahar…teh pahwer is in my index finger. If I no press ‘Enter’ key, no one knows what to sing/say/pray next.

Then, I came back wanted to write sob-sob post but lucky, now I feel no more sad sad. But whatever it is, remember to count your blessings. I feel bad that the whole day I was contemplating to throw RM4K into a new toy or not and here we have a mom struggling to make a living with her little kid. Watching the little boy about to fall off due to sleepiness and his mom, trying to get home as fast as possible, is just so, so kesian.

Ok, end of sob-sob tale.

Woi, how? D40, D80, D200 or what lah?

14 thoughts on “Sobby-sobby tale of a mom and a sleepy kid on bike

  1. I have just finished my 1 week assignment in Pune.
    When I was in Mumbai for the first time my heart sank coz I see poor kids and babies everywhere. This visit, I feel stronger and see the morale behind these poor kids instead, that is to make my boys appreciate what ever they are given.

  2. “Woi, how? D40, D80, D200 or what lah?”
    Haihhzz… =.=”

    donate 2k to the mother, another 2k for ur new toy. good leh. win win situation 😛

  3. D200 s coming out soon , but don’t know how soon . Body only is bout RM 5 k /++ (metal ) ,can add in vertical grip
    for RM 600 /++ . know those thru fren who craze about camera .. mmh… expensive lo!!! Lilian you sure you’re buying?

  4. Madam Lilian LOoks Hard outside.. but with a Soft heart inside…{Qi Bei Zhi Xin}慈悲之心…

    u know.. u are like “观音).[Guan Yin}…

    i am so kesian also the mama… if that day i see her, i will follow her and stop her and offer my help to fetch all her children home with her. ( of course lah, keep on explain i am not bad girl with no bad intentions)

    it happen to me few month’s ago, i saw a malay mama with 2 children and she carried lots of stuff and didnt take bus or bike only walk home.. (it was a sunny day’s)..wah lau eh.. very the hot u know. make u sweat one.

    so husband and I (eugene also lah) offered our help(yes, i went down to cakap cakap sama dia lah).. first she rejected, then i carried eugene with her.. only she accept us to fetch her home…wah lau eh.. tell u what.. jauhnya.. rumah dia.. kasian… *of course lah, she was so shock suddenly a BMW sent her home.. all her neighbour tengok tengok aja.. the moral behind.. (always offer help).

    Madam LIlian, GIve you Thumb Up. ( i like your kind hearted attitude)…even rrrr , u look so garang…hehehehehe

  5. i love you jesus…deep down (stares with open mouth for next lyric; at 5xmom waiting for her chg slide)

    hehe. aternatively u can press page up or down for the slides or click them

  6. Hey, I think D80 is good enough for your use but whatever you do, don’t get the D40 or D40x.

    D200 would be the better choice or D2X for that matter..hehehe

  7. dylan – A D2x owner told me to go play far far if I get the D40. LOL. Cannot afford the D2 lah, RM14K, you know…

    budokid – You know hor, when the slide is on the OHP, I cannot see what comes next or before except what is printed. So, I must refer to the printed copy and count the numbers. That’s why so scary lor.

    rachel – Good for you, always nice to help others.

    Erin – D200 is more for sports photography. I checked liao, the D80 fits nicely in my palm. Still contemplating lah.

  8. “Give thanks with a greatful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ His son……..”

    Now, don’t choke! LOL!!!

    D200 lah woi!

  9. clare – D200 dunwan lah. All the apeks in the shop kept discouraging me. Niamah, see me no up.

    terence – The collateral deal? On? 😉

  10. i feel so kesian too whenever i see a small kid in a bike with the parent/s. If the view allows it, I always try to make eye contact with them & ask Nunu to wave or tata them.

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