Tongkat Ali memang cun

It is going to be 4 am. My eyes are like the owl because I drank a cup of Kopi Tongkat Ali. All my fault because I need to binge on chocolate but I had ran out of it. So, I rummaged through my granary and found this sample packet given by the supermarket.

Well, I thought, why not coffee at 10 pm? The most it last is maybe two hours. But nay…Tongkat Ali memang cun. Mata masih terbeliak like ikan emas. I can’t sleep. I can’t MSN ‘cos my contacts are all asleep and that blardy MSN was down.

So, what to do… It is raining and my Ali has gone to dreamland and here I am making wang, fuelled by Kopi Tongkat Ali. So, sue me.

4 thoughts on “Tongkat Ali memang cun

  1. hey, u never drink the”power” brand tongkat ali meh? i heard the guy drink the tongkat ali, the girl drink the kacip fatimah coffee, then wink wink, dem horny wan wor…

  2. sasha – I see USD green karer oso dem stim liao, no need kacip fatimah. LOL.

    KJ – Wei, that kopi hor can make my heart jump out of the mouth wan ler. Crazy wan, dunno what the hell they put inside. I can drink expresso but give me kopi tongkat ali, my heart racing like siao.

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