Seduction, temptation and desire

“You know you want me.”

“Stop! I can’t do that.”

“I am here now. Take me. I know you want me so badly.”

Whimpering….”Please don’t do that…If he finds out……”

“It is just between you and I. No one has to know.”

“Darling…don’t do this to me. Please……you know I am weak and if you keep showing me your 12 inches, gleaming meat rod…..”

“Just open your mouth….take me….I can see it in your eyes you are burning with desire….”

“No, I wont’. I am sorry….I will find my solace elsewhere.”

FAST FORWARD…to today….

Temptation appears again. This time, he is a bull. Those muscles, the bones….the hardness….The setting was perfect. I had been sipping 77 Sunset Strip...a mixture of vodka, rum….and I am totally zonked out. I could just do anything…..

“Here we are again….this time, I know you couldn’t resist me. Open your mouth, put me inside that lips of yours. Feel me…”

Lips quivering, heart thumping…contemplating…..thinking to self….no one has to know that I have sinned. No one. If I don’t tell.

He moves closer and closer…..

“NO! I can live without you. But I cannot live with my guilt. I have made a decision of not sinning. I may want you badly but I can turn my head and walk away. I am sorry….you just have to wait till April 6th…”

“What about April 6th?”

“Darling, you just have to wait…then, we can consumate our relationship, once again. I will take you in my mouth and…… and swallow too.”

“But! But! But!”

“No buts, my mind is made up. I have a substitute….I am sorry to disappoint you.”

And now, the photos….I have to hide them ‘cos x-rated mah…not suitable for work NSFW….

The 12 inch

The 12 inch substitute

The bull

The bull substitute

And if you think I have what it takes to write humsup koochai, tell me ‘cos I think I want to venture into new territory since my blog ranks highly for ‘sex’ keyword.

20 thoughts on “Seduction, temptation and desire

  1. And you guys don’t comment about how obscene things are on this comment board ok? Give others a chance to see for themselves.

  2. That is the day you break fast. Its easter kan?

    Tot you were refering to Ron for a moment, *LOL*
    I send you one whole roast pig lah. Tie it on your back eat whenever you want throughout the day. *Bwahahahahahaha* Blek!

  3. Drool drool drooll..was so tempted by the 12 inch that I nearly decided to bent backwards and have one also 😛 hahahahaahhahahahaha

  4. Liliiiiiiiiaaaaaaannnnn…pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeee hehehehe.

    Seriously, it will do us woman real favor if you can write girly humsap novel. It’s so difficult to look for humsap books for girly especially in Malaysia ‘eiiiissskkk’.

  5. well.. I didn’t come here by looking through the word ‘sex’

    and what’s with april 6th? the food is to die for.. being in the place that I am now, I’m lucky that I even get food.. sigh..

  6. fookiat – Hahaha, my vegetarian fast last till then and I can buka puasa cos it is Good Friday over liao.

    cili – Hehehe, really? I got talent?

    wuching – I know you would!

    pinksterz – I have asked lenjai Bryan to do a sub-domain liao…Watch out.

    huei – Yeah, we can tell the ‘men’, no need them, oso can survive wan. Hahaha.

    terence – You jaga hor…no CKT on April 6 liao. You sindiri pigi cari. But yahor, the pig and Ron is coming hor? Blek!

    AhPek – Go, go, go. Ask AhSoh to help you.

    cincau – That’s why I say not safe for work mah…

    theodwyn – Tenkiu

  7. Sabar lor Lilian. Don’t give in to temptation. Fight it!! Determination is the key~~ I had lots when I was fighting for weight loss. Haha

  8. I was thinking of an lady on diet, trying to resist temptation to eat a soon-to-expire mayo loaded sausage roll.
    As for the substitute, i could not have mushroom in my imagination coz i am a straight female.
    Nevertheless, you can add more spices into ham sap writing by adding the reaction of 5 senses+1 ham sap sensor.
    Bravo to your new venture!!

  9. Nyam nyam! I love the fried button mushrooms from TGI… Wahhh, you really make me so hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NYAM NYAM!

  10. your fast ends on the 6th? isn’t the 7th included eheheh… hang in there Lilian you’re more than halfway through!

  11. hi lilian!
    bumped into your blog from dare I say my oh my, you sure have one heck of a talent to write humsup material. hahahaha…
    it’s laughters all’round reading ur posts!! =)

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