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What is blog advertising?

Blog advertising is the way to go. Tell me, how many people still subscribe to magazines and newspapers and bother to thumb through pages and pages of them to find something they want? Tell me how much can you absorb from news on TV and over the radio? Do you have time to glue yourself to the TV to catch the scheduled news hourly? Rather, I am sure you prefer to read news on the internet in your own time, surf for things at your leisure hours and enjoy reading about topics that interest you whenever you are free to log on to the internet.

Though print media is still very much part of our lives because it is always nice to hold and flip those colourful and informative pages, our modern lifestyles and the ease of the internet now offers us almost everything with just a few clicks on the computer.

Get ahead of pack

If you need something, you just head straight to your favourite search engines and type in the few keywords. Then, you are given million of pages of the things/services you are looking for.

Did you see I say millions? Yes. So, if you are operating a business site, how are you going to get ahead of the pack and be prominently displayed so that others can see them? Your potential clients, goldmine and fortune are out there but you need to find a way to let people find you.

Sponsored Reviews will help

So, what smart businesses do is to get their links on the sidebars of websites. Websites here refers to our regular blogs. Other than that, there is a more effective way of getting ahead. This is by way of getting people to write about your company, link it to the keywords you want and have it remain on the internet for a long time.

Now, let’s see how bloggers like us fit in.

A) Signed up with SponsoredReviews.com as a publisher. SponsoredReviews.com will find advertisers who are looking for people to review their sites, products or services. They are the middle-man between advertisers and bloggers/publishers.

B) Once you are listed as the publishers and your account is approved, you will have access to a list of things that need reviewing. You indicate your interest and set the price you are willing to accept for the job. Wait for the advertisers to approve you. Once you get an email from SponsoredReviews.com, you write a review.

C) Then, you will be paid for what you have written if you have done your writing job well.

Why should bloggers do this?

Because it gives you the chance to be creative with your blogging. It also provides you an avenue to learn something new because as you do the review, you will need to surf and get to know the website. Let’s face the fact. It is a good way to get over bloggers’ block because we have something to write about. Then, the ultimate draw is of course the money that we earn from doing it.

Why should advertisers pay for them?

Because they get an honest review and plus a link. Also, the blogger’s blog is read by many and hence, exposure is great. On top of that, if they have several good blogs who mention them, then the race to the top is guaranteed. Blogs have a lot of advantages over regular sites because we update our blogs regularly and therefore, search engines will pick it up and put them on the top of the pile.

Are you the smart one?

I’d say that smart people who know how to capitalize on this new wave of marketing are the ones that rule the internet in future. People are willing to pay us for our skills in writing and reviewing. So, we should be smart enough to cater our blogs to meet the demand.

Are we selling our souls?

But wouldn’t this take the real meaning out of blogging? Isn’t this like selling our souls? No, of course not. There are spammy sites or splogs and there are good bloggers who can fit in some sponsored reviews in between regular posts. If your blog is great, people will overlook that few and far in between sponsored reviews. Moreover, they can actually benefit from the additional information which they would not otherwise know about.

How is SponsoredReviews.com different from other types of ‘get paid to post’ networks?

1) Demands a 1:3 ratio of paid post to non-paying posts. This means you cannot get away with spamming your blog with things you write for money.

2) Gives advertisers the free reign to match up with the potential bloggers before the assignment is given to the blogger. Hence, advertisers have a say in where their posts will appear.

3) Lets the bloggers and advertisers to negotiate on the price that match their needs. Therefore, bloggers get what they want and advertisers know their money is worth paying.

So far, I have received several writing assignments from SponsoredReviews.com and I must say that I like this method of ‘get to know the blogger first before you let him/her review your company/website/services’. It makes me much more confident that the advertisers already are aware of the quality of my posts in general and hence, I will do my best to meet their expectations.

Read my other post about SponsoredReviews on Make$ Money$ and note the comment left by Jarrod Hunt of SponsoredReviews:

Your a persuasive writer 🙂

I just accepted your bid. I look forward to reading your post. If it is very educational we might even feature it in our education section, once we launch it!

You should be on the SponsoredReviews.com stable of great bloggers too! Cheers to making money with our blogs and enjoy writing at the same time.

And yes, this is a sponsored post.

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  1. Told my friend about this paid post or pay post thingy and about you making money from all this writing, but he said all this not simple and cannot make money want and you bluff bluff on your blog ….. got right or wrong ka? I don’t much about thingy like this so cannot debate with him. Sure love to prove him wrong tho 🙁

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