Who wants me when you are deserted on an island? (CCB meme again!)

Lisan wants me because this lazy girl knows I can cook, wash, clean home for her while she orgy with the guys she picked. Moreover, I am not a competitor for the five lengjais she picked. Clever girl!

AhPek wants me on an island because like papajoneh said in his comment :

Ahpek ahpek. you make me laugh until my boss also ask me whats you surfing! I have to say, thats pretty damn good choice. You got mattress, pillow, u got floater if u decide to leave the island and lastly enough food for the rest of 2 years(if u decide to stay on).

(Warning : Do not click to AhPek’s site if you are drinking or supposed to look serious)

So, I am supposed to choose six bloggers whom I want to be stranded on an island with :

Simon – He is so tall, he can pick coconuts for the rest of the time to provide food and water. Not need to climb tree, he is that tall.

Dr. Ros – Ph.D in geology stuffs, was one of the candidate for the Malaysian astronaut project, a doktor batu – because she will probably help to find gold nuggets on the island and make us all very rich.

Papajoneh – Since he is so creative in the usage of fuel and other materials to survive, he probably is useful in helping us survive.

wuching – He listens to me all the time so I can ask him to dance nekid to entertain me anytime when I am bored. Besides other things.

Samm – Cos between both of us, we can bitch and think of ways to make money plus giggled over what we want to do to toyboys. (Samm’s OohLala here)

Dr. Bernard Chan – Since we have plenty of time on the island, might as well ask Dr. B to do liposuction for me. And while he is at it, some nose job, breast augmentation, botox…….Wuah…when help finally arrive, I step out of the rescue plan, landed on home ground and no one can recognise me anymore.

But chey…if I am on an island, why would I want bloggers there somemore? Siao ah? I’d rather choose Korean, Japanese, Hongkong, Bollywood, Hollywood hot hunks and maybe one slave who can cooks, takes photos and performs other service. Male of course.

Anyway, the six persons I tagged must now carry on the meme. Cursing whoever starts this meme. May you be stranded on a deserted island with a pack of …..And who wants me on a deserted island?

14 thoughts on “Who wants me when you are deserted on an island? (CCB meme again!)

  1. wei… when I promised to bring you along, i didn’t say you can bring the whole troop!!
    Now the Island full pf bloggers liao!

  2. OMG… now we start again. Ahpek ahpek.. You ah. you and yer voluptuous girls… now we have to reply this again… and as Lilian said..cursing all the way. Geez. I’m pressured now LOL.
    You just wait my next post… if my previous 870 words not enough..i dont knowlah. I think i wait till early in the morning to come with such devious post. Ha!

    BTW. Thanks Lilian. Now im stucked.LOL.

  3. you r right la..buat hapak nak bloggers with you?..might as well mintak hunks hor?….nvm ..can keep Dr Bernard there with you…bole buat transformation…hehe

  4. heheheh remember to bring the guys in the korean drama..one to massage leg, one to do manicure for u….hahaha

  5. Ohh pandai la you…what gold nuggets, if even on that island you can still blog, better stick to you payperpost la, that’s faster. Anyway, can I choose Simon again?

  6. yah hor..this meme is going round..i think all bloggers will be stuck together gather in the island!!!hehe

  7. Hi 5xMom,
    Stop over from AhPek’s blog.

    Wah, dun liddat leh! Why curse me for starting this meme? It’s fun wat!

    What you trying to say?

    May you be stranded on a deserted island with a pack of …. matches? cards? coloured wolves!!! muahahaha….

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