No post today ah?

My favourite blog reader MSN-ed me.

Reader : No post today ah?

My reply : Chey…that 1,000 words post is not a post meh? What post you want? You got pay me or not? No pay, don’t ask lah woi! Go play far-far. Shoo-shoo! Wait I finish digging my nose, plucking my nose hairs, digging my ears, pluck my eyebrows and watch some porn first before I start writing.

You say pressure or not? Early-early morning, already kena pressure why I never post something new to entertain people.

But hehehehehe, you are still my favourite blog reader and I am still your favourite blogger, hor?

27 thoughts on “No post today ah?

  1. Celaka! This also considered a posting ah???

    You da MOM! Who is your favourite reader lah???

  2. zeo – Yeah, will do that.

    terence – See? See? Zeo is a PR7/10 blogger, you know……Hrrmmpph….going to block you liao. From the phone, MSN and my blog.

  3. I can understand why ur favourite reader asked you on that. Every morning before work, i will check ur blog, after lunch, i will check ur blog, later the afternoon, i will check again, and lastly before leaving office, i will check…. U r the only blogger that i know who update the blog every now and then, more than once a day..thanks for entertaining us the bored office workers…. kam sia.

  4. Auntie I oso wan ur MSN add, can?

    Yalor, I oso wanna ask the same thing dis morning when I checked ur blog but hor I thought better of it, if not i’ll be the wan u fark kao in this post hor….hahahhaha!!! *runs*

  5. Anyone wants my MSN?? Very entertaining one you know.

    *testing whether comment kena blocked*

  6. terence – Woi, dun perasan lah. No one interested, wokay?

    clare – I mail you my very private, very secret email to add to MSN. Not everyone gets it you know. Unless they are PR7/10 LOL or very handsome or someone I met before.

    th_c – Wuah…I so hepi to read your comment. Kembang till chair also broken.

  7. Someday, the doctor will diagnose your reader with “5xmom retrieval syndrome” when you take vacation to places without internet.

  8. thanks fer visiting my site!
    it made my day. =D
    i am ecstatic ah!! but must keep cool. and act sophisikated.
    but i love love love 5xmom!!

  9. I Click your site first thing in the morning and then after lunch and then during tea time and before I go to bed. Loyal or chi sin I dunno.

  10. I think 5xmom ‘kembang’ till she is floating in the air. Just like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban .
    Quick, quick look out side the window before the Ministry of Magic cast a spell on us muggles .

    Do you see her ?

  11. I agreed with th_c, as I read your blog before I start work, after lunch I’ll check yr blog again, before leaving for home, I visit yr blog again. Whenever am online at home, I’ll definately read your blog.
    I felt disappointted if I dont see an update from you is during weekends…

  12. i read your post everyday oso….cos i know u everyday oso write one…and i like wat u write…betul betul kena kat tempatnye..

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