Americans are anal ‘cos they don’t use bolsters

Wait, don’t flame me. I am only making assumptions because I bought a set of bed linen which is imported from the United States of America. I assumed that it comes with two pillow cases, one bed linen and a bolster case.

But upon reaching home, I realised that my bu-bu has not clothes. Aww….how can.


It is actually a very bright orange but the pic looks like red. So much like a bridal chamber hor? So, my housekeeper let my bu-bu wears a huge polka-dot bolster case. Aww…stuck out like a sore thumb.

Wait, empty bed like that looks too inviting. Later people think what pulak. (ahpek, you don’t fantasize hor? šŸ˜› )


Ok, better now.

So, my conclusion is – Americans do not use bolster to sleep. That’s why their bed linens have no bolster case. They do not know the marvels of bolster. How seductive it is. How it de-stresses us and is a much lovelier, huggable thing than a spouse. Spouses have bones, they snore and they are not soft and even shape. They move and disturb our sleep. You cannot put your spouse’s thigh between your thighs or else she may accidentally injure your Ron when she is dreaming of playing football. And you cannot bend your spouse’s thigh to curve where you want it (assuming you are a woman). See? Bolster is more important than a sleeping partner. *kicks spouse off bed, hug bolster*


See? Two happy bolsters users advocating you to buy one today. Don’t get anal, get bolster.

My prescription – Let bolster rules the world and we will have less anal people on earth. So, who can sleep without a bolster? I cannot live without my Mr. B.

20 thoughts on “Americans are anal ‘cos they don’t use bolsters

  1. Hello.. Actually I noticed that Westerners dont use bolster… When I first came to Aussie land, I was told no bolster šŸ™ let alot bolster clothes… Hence, I had to import bolster together with its clothes into Aussie all the way from Malaysia..

  2. Yeah! Bolsters rock!!! I cannot sleep without my bolster also lor…when i travel overseas i will use pillows to substitute! hahaha…i like that polka dot cover oso wor…where to get ah? eh Martex sells the bolster case separately one leh…but of course only available here lor!

  3. Like you, I cannot live without my bolster. I take him (Mr. Lumlum) with me everywhere I go (ehh I meant if I’ve to travel to somewhere else to sleep la). My mom and sis said I’m too old for bolster, which I think it’s totally ‘bull urine’. Ahhh the security and comfort Mr. Lumlum give me is totally esctasy.

    By the way, your gold color cutie handbag really rock :o)

  4. cili – LOL, what kinky name. Hey, you notice the bag! It is one of those shopping trip when I decide to buy gold bag, gold shoe.

    laundryamah – Huwah…martex u oso can see the brand ah? The polka dot is Japanese Akemi I think. I normally buy 70% stuffs.

    mendee – It comes in a set, can hypnotise you. Hahaha.

    shireen – Eh, nice name pulak. First k-mak, now e-kai ma. Like that, I go set up your blog for you lah.

    siwwy – That’s why they all so tensen. hahaha.

    may – Its is more like rojaks and jinjang, except that I only took a portion of the bed.

    LMF – Yeah, they have this whole cover that needs zipping, it is a bitch to change, no?

  5. i hug my pillows into my dream! 4 pillows sumore! i dun usually hug my bolster , perfer pillow. ^_^ i’m like a small girl with chut-chut always run around in the house with my pillow.. LOL..

  6. wahahahaha nice right… e-kaima sounds cool ma… chun right? 1st of it’s kind.. woo ohooooo…

    oh yea.. bout the please direct it to la.. not gonna do much bout it.. cos i bodo ma..

  7. Yes.. ang mohs.. do not use bolster.. they have what they call a body pillow. Squarish it is. And yes.. i need bolster covers.. !! only got one .. so far.. hahhahaha!! So Lilian.. if you see something nice and cheap.. can send some.. ?? pay you by pay pal..?? only need 2 lah.. hahah!! can’t afford anymore.. šŸ˜‰

  8. When I first arrive in Perth and went to the stores, my gfs and I went bolster hunting. We search high and low from corner to corner looking for anything that remotely resembles a bolster when we met another friend who had been there for a year who kindly told us that there’s no bolsters for sale. At all. Ever! Since then, I’ve more or less gotten use to substituting the bolster with pillows. šŸ˜‰

  9. i love my bolster too!! feels weird when i have to stay away from home and don’t have my bolster to hug! šŸ™‚ i had a friend who folded her bolster into two and zipped it into her luggage to take to australia, i think. hehe.

  10. i import my bolster and bolster case one. very grand… from Malaysia. here i don’t think they know what bolster is leh!

  11. Actually I seen a long pillow that looks like bolster.. but obviously is a super long bolster… and it cost a bomb! And I am pretty sure it doesn’t feel the same as bolster…. *hugs bolster*

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