Zam, zam ala ketamm…gua caya sama lu lah!

First, some background info for my overseas readers (heh, as if I have any except Owen). Zam is our Minister of Information who controls the airwaves, print media, what shows to be screen and basically, the wet blanket where entertainment is concerned. He said this:

Zainuddin hoped newspapers would not give credit to blog websites as they could become influential and become widespread.

Saying that there was no need to ban blog websites, he urged bloggers to be more responsible.


Now, this is really funny. Let’s hear it from 5xmom, Malaysia 50 most influential blogger, position #14. (slaps self at how funny that sounds)

Eh, pakcik, firstly, let’s see which direction you want our country to head? Back to the time, when people etched words on stone slabs like Moses? No, right? We are talking about Vision 2020, we teach our kids to sing Saya suka IT, we boasted about how terror-merror our Multimedia Super Corridor and temberang besar cam tu kan? So, how? You want to curb the 21 million people from using the computer? Think first lah, pakcik before you quote things like these.

Then, you are talking about print media. Eh, how fast you think print media can reach us? The next day. Say we have an earthquake, dah mampus semua pun kita tak tau, kena tunngu suratkhabar. So, please lah…think first, pakcik.

Now, if I am from the print media, I would take offence with this quote:

“You (journalists) should not allow your readers to believe blog websites as a reliable source,” he said when commenting on the trend among newspapers to attribute blog websites as the source, hence indirectly promoting them.

If I am the big boss of the print media, I will probably say….”Eh, lu ingat kita orang tarak hotak kah? You think our journalists are blind and brainless or what? Of course, our journalists have done their homework well and when they have reasonable facts, then only they quote. And the editors too would have heard the rustle, smell the smoke and only approve the news to pass through.”

And as a rakyat Malaysia yang tak berpelajaran tinggi, a lowly educated woman, I also beh song with what you said pakcik. You think we citizens of Malaysia don’t have the brains to judge what is good and what is not? What are lies and what are truths we couldn’t care less?

So, stop throwing your Ministry power around and be another one of the Ministers who threatens us bloggers with “we can ban bloggers”. Save your saliva lah. We have grown up and have our maturity to judge.

Just yesterday, a relative of mine who is a doctor in the IT line told me how CDC (the centre of disease control) are moving towards blogs to disseminate the important news and changes regarding spread of diseases. They are roping in bloggers to work with them. And here in our country, all the kataks are trying to pull us away from blogging.

Wake up, Government of Malaysia. Either you start blogging and give us your side of the stories or become the jokes of commoners like me.

22 thoughts on “Zam, zam ala ketamm…gua caya sama lu lah!

  1. Ah my dear, Zam only controls RTM because if he did control the rest, the story won’t come out, would it?

    So, save your energy and rant for more important things like err… Writing either in English or Malay or Hokkien, not all three at once for those of us cursed with only knowing one language.

    But of course, you retain the right to do what you do best!

    As for the government ever blogging, why would they want to do that?

    Ignorance is bliss on both sides. And if you didn’t read the newspapers or their websites, how would you know the crap spewed by Zam?

    And yes, blog on please! Life would be duller without you, Mom!

  2. yeah… totally agree with aunty lilian… and the person who said bloggers are unemployed, he’s wrong. blogging is a job. pro-blogger is when you go up the ranks. master-blogger is when you can touch the heaven, grand-master-blogger is when you ‘are’ richer than Tg Adnan. šŸ˜›

    somehow it sounds like i’m playing a computer game or something…

  3. I’m totally agreed with you. Sometimes, is so funny to hear this kind of things come out from a minister. So like he is uneducated. If, all the minister think like him we will be moving backward to 1010 years. So, i think Vision 2020 can change to Blursion 1010.

  4. Just now type the wrong add so I post again to change it. The right add should be this. Just keep on my name.

  5. last time that person.

    this time ini orang pulak.

    next time who?

    malaysian at oversea count a oversea oso can ar? bwahahaha!

    ok ok. joking only. ^^

  6. I know a few people in the various ministries and they do read my blog as well as other blogs. I think there is a probably a generation gap. And you can understand how hierarchical our society is. I guess this will change when we have more younger It savvy people taking over from the older generation.

  7. I don’t hate this country….altho we may have somewhat ill-informed, not-well-read, talk-before-think type of ministers/government servants.



  8. Nice. 5xmom cooking crab that speaks crap. šŸ™‚

    Let’s do some teppanyaki style to cook crab :
    i. Heat pan
    ii. Put the living crab on top off the pant
    iii. The crab will keep spewing out lots of craps but sooner or later, it will turn red.
    iv. Serve hot šŸ™‚ Don’t forget your sakeh.

  9. Hahahaha, spelling mistake,
    ii. Put the living crab on top of the pan

    If you let the crab on top of your pant, don’t worry, stay calm. šŸ˜‰

  10. aiyo…another no brain minister talking after the stupid tourism minister comment about blog and bloggers ah?

    I wonder why our country top men so “kolot” one, how to lead the country?

  11. dragonmummy – Yeah, that includes Lim KY, Pak Lah, that Datuk Fu, semi value…..Haiyor…hampalang also got lah. Hahaha.

    moo_t – Hahaha…got you into rhyme. That one is a P. Ramlee old movie comedy.

    mott – You are mean. LOL.

    huei, egghead – Time for me to register to become candidate hor?

    adam – Yeah, we have too many ‘yes-man’ mentality due to this hierachy.

    pinksterz – šŸ™‚

    Jun – Blursion 1010 hahaha

    moses – It is Datuk P. Ramlee’s movie, I think the Ali Baba one, forget the title.

    cincau – Yeah right, you play too many games liao. So many level. I dun care what level, got place to crap and rant and earn some money along the way, I hepi liao.

    mat merah – Tks for dropping by. Now only I know Min. of Info control RTM? Not Astro as well?

  12. Wa support lu kaw kaw! I remember when I did my part time degree, all my lecturers said as an adult in this level of education, we must able to think and judge everything on our own. So… if the pakcik said like that, then what for we all go for study?

  13. aunty, i am also from oversea ler šŸ™‚

    btw, if got earthquake, electricity and internet also down woh, then how? šŸ˜‰

  14. yo, tai kah jeh, you know what? this post RAWKS!!! yup, i agree with you,
    ‘Wake up, Government of Malaysia. Either you start blogging and give us your side of the stories or become the jokes of commoners like me.’
    they are growing to slow, even kids today acts more mature than them. are they able accomplished vision 2020 if they still had the mindset stuck from the sixties.

  15. Lilian: Let me answer on Mat Merah’s absence. The Info Ministry does not control ASTRO. ASTRO’s license’s are controlled by the minitry of energy, telecommunications and post thru MCMC

  16. hai ya auntie….

    don’t angry-angry laaarrr…..
    but it’s fun to read this entry…

    (sometimes, propaganda will make the blogosphere happy maaaaa…)

  17. hehe, this post is really funny…

    Did you remember sometime last year, Malaysia had some international court case to contest for some ISLAND off the coast of either Johor (against Singapore ) or Off the coast of Sabah…. they tried to quote a blog post as their evidence…

    And then our former Information Sinister, came out with this bloggers are liars rant…

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