Asking for trouble?

Yesterday, I finally move my butt and got a phpBB forum board running. It is for my church and I tell you, it is not easy to go figure out what church people likes to talk about and then, hor, I have to open the categories and forums. Of course, I have to seek my team members and leader’s opinion. But still, I kena go figure out what to fill up before we can present it to our priest for approval. Anyway, thank God, it is approved. It is not launched yet, so the URL next time. My next assignment is to open a blog for the priest. Yes! Yehsou live to you direct! But now, I kena go guess what template theme suitable for serious stuffs like these. *wipes cold sweat*

So, in between doing that forum thing, I also must distract my mind a bit. Eh, it is betul-betul tension doing something serious like that, you know? Then, I mah decide to open a sub-domain for myself lor!

You see, lately, my mouth kena zipped up a bit because my site is PR 5/10 and PR 5/10 gets good payout for paid posts. I have to please the advertisers a bit so that they help me to feed my shopping sprees. Sometimes, after I posted a sponsored post, I dare not put another one top because it is not so nice to bury it. And my blog addict whines (note it is singular) that I never post anything for his reading pleasure pulak. Tension betul.

Jeng jeng jeng…..I found a way to be the original 5xmom again. Well, not really. I found a way to crap without getting my butt bitten. I created a new blog which I use to whack whoever I took fancy on. No Google ads yet ‘cos I am planning to make it a bit effing. Google can ban publishers who use the f words too often. So, head over to ‘Asking for trouble?

Just one day only and I already got my first hate comment on Jay Chou. Woohoo, am I controversial or what, kstang? Go see my post on the old man who placed give advertisements to declare love. Uwekkkkk

Wait a minute, why do you think my first para was there on top? To tell you peeps that I also got do serious stuffs wan but mostly, I also do time wasting stuffs like writing with no direction. I do because I can.

5 thoughts on “Asking for trouble?

  1. i think you you’ll be transforming into dr jekyl & mrs hyde now & then. when doing the forum, turn to holy, when doing your blog, wah time to release ownself, @#$% word also release ah, kheng ah

  2. HEHEHE nothing better to do but visit blogs and more blogs by Lilian, the more happier I am as more things to read and laugh and ketuk other commentors about… speaking of ketuking people..wat happened to the supposed Beautiful Fatty? Haven’t seen him around for ages…must ask Wuching if he has seen sign of that STP in other blogs hehehe

  3. Oh man, religious debate already 🙁 Religious debates shit me cos I always feel sorry for the religion on both sides since they’re usually represented by total dickheads. Disclaimer: I think both Christianity and Islam are great religions, it’s just some people on both sides that spoils it for perfectly sane people…

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