QV, stop pretending and fark off

You should know by now that I had openly criticised you on this post . The only reason I give you face is because I don’t want anyone to link the Catholic faith into it since you are so holy-moly at your blog.

You are the farker who sent me that disgusting photo of a naked man. Fark you, calling me aunty, sending me religious stuffs and sent me that gross photos without due warning and respect to me. Take a mirror and look at yourself before calling me aunty, ok, pervert?

So get the fark out of my blog and keep your relatives and your friends out of my blog. I don’t know who is STP and I don’t care to know because all readers are equally appreciated by me, the blogger. That is unless they are dumb like you and think they are higher than others and have the rights to be chummy with me.

Listen here, get lost. Don’t come by. Every one of my readers who take me seriously know when to draw the line between my blog and my real self. Sending explicit, naked photo of man to my email is a breach of my privacy. They don’t combine what I write with my personal life. They don’t quote things about my husband nor my kids. You did that and I had openly tell you to fark off before. But you keep pretending not to see those signs. I have ignored your comments for a while and you keep pretending not to notice it.

You rub it in and so, you get it here. Satisfied? And don’t bother to email me because I don’t take sorry. Now, who wants to be the first to comment?

39 thoughts on “QV, stop pretending and fark off

  1. Hey QV! What the FUCK is wrong with you!

    You are a disgrace! You seem to have a holy moly blog. But I guess under the blog, you are one sick motherfucker. Do us a favour, do the faith a favour, delete the blog.

    If you are ever gonna be remorseful at all, please stay away from this blog. Leave your comments to yourself! Motherfucker!

  2. Me!!!! Wahh you just got back oni so hot???!! Who that bugger bin tai lou? We ask everyone go spam him gau gau, click his adsense until bonchet!!

    Wei, whoever you are, I warn you! Don’t play play with my lady here ok!1

  3. Lilian, this is the very best thing you’ve done in this regard. Among us silent readers who know one another, and unfortunately know of this person, we’ve been waiting for this shit to hit the fan. Just two words…pathological liar.

  4. I completely agree that QV is one mighty sicko.Imagine sending pictures of naked man to someone’s email. QV deserves to be told off!

  5. papa joneh – gambar bogel of a malay man with a tudung woman, into my email with no warning. Along with those mails, I received emails about Vatican city, sainthood and etc. So, does that make you sick?

    The rest of the comments – keep it coming, Me going to shopping adi. BRB!

  6. Lilian, OMG… that is just too much to swallow. QV, whoever you are… now im not your friend. and im serious. im glad we never started anyway, phhewww.

  7. and all the while i ingat he (and stp) is ur relative or someone u knew thru some church activities!

  8. Please lah QV. You wanna send naked photos also think twice lar, porn sites are available for you why you have to forward it? Not like you can mail her BIG TIMERS’ naked pictures too… Duh summore she got husband de ler, what for she has to gatai and entertain u?
    Call yourself HOLY but I think u’re more than GELI. So gatai and kacau my Kmak means you’re also a PUKI. So please ok? I can tell her which sites got naked pictures, dunnit you lahsam people to kacau her. Fark off!

  9. Wooow… I kaypoh to his site… what a bloody hypocrite!!!!!!!! Giving all Christians a bad name!!! Go Lilian!!!!

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  11. QV, I reckon you need to see a shrink as you definitely have a sick mind! You want to shock Lilian with the nude pic. That’s the cheap thrill you get. Am glad Lilian has decided to give you a piece of her mind. Definitely don’t need perverts like you in cyberspace. Could you be a paedophile? Your behaviour highly suspicious. Maybe you want Lilian’s children to see the pics eh?

  12. whoa. i never thought he would be someone to do something like that. sad indeed when you think about how he preaches Christianity so openly. utterly disgraceful. maybe you shd sue his ass off.

  13. I wonder how this dude looks like. I am also curious what he was thinking when he made that stupid decision to send a naked man photo. This weirdo has cross a line and is utterly inexcusable. Maybe he deserves to be lynched!!!!

  14. Way to go Lilian ……

    Hey QV you mothersucker dick blower #$&%&*@%^$%*@ leave good people alone …. go and play with you dickyballs friends ‘puittttttt’

  15. Oooo! Wat was dat? Hiroshima revisited? Been so busy, no time to go online! School exams, spm and stpm results came out, anak back from National Service…and I just got back yesterday evening from Kuching. Monday I’ve to go to Miri for a week…and Lilian, guess who will be there!!! Brother Paul! LOL! So I’ve been out of the blogging scene for some two weeks or so, sorry to all my friends…! I not throw stones, ya??? When I’ve got time, will resume normal service!!!
    P.S. To whom it may concern.
    Pls don’t golongkan saya with undesirable elements. Judge me based on my own personal comments and not by association with whoever in any way! TQ

  16. *Gasp* So, that’s the sicko! If I were your readers, don’t head to his blog. It’ll only get him more traffic and probably the publicity & fame that he was dieing for….pien tai punya orang!

  17. catty – I got give the link on top mah. The holy-moly link.

    STP- You say come to Penang, never come. I met Bro. Paul at Ikea. My kids at first refused go greet him, I forced them, they say I sindiri wanna say hi to him. Cilaka mia bebudak. Lucky, I got them to wish him cos he recognise them and told his friends, “my students”. Haih…kids.

  18. HAHAHAHAHA send kukujiao pic to you ledi sommo claime dto be innocent wor!! but dun get angry la! according to courts proceeding … 10 out of 10 ppl will say themself not guilty one! even those who are caught red handed!!! kakakaka

  19. Ak elah…small matter dun get angry la. Cepat tua la…
    Let’s go yum cha and eat egg tarts sama Yin Si,slowly we discuss big plan-burn his kkc wit holywater


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