Sucker for freebies and discounts

Quickly, how many of you have the same syndrome as me? Put up your hands and comment, ok?

So, the last three days, Parkson Grand has the Bonuslink members sale where I can get RM20 for every RM120 I spent at cosmetic counters. So, what else? Spend lah ‘cos besides that I get five times bonus point links and each 400 points is worth RM10.

I walked to Bobbi Brown counter and asked them, “How much to get this set?” RM450. So, I ended up buying RM463. Then, mati-mati kena go buy something in the toiletries to make it RM480.


So, mah happy lor, got a free set of eyeliner, mascara, blusher and facial cleanser from Bobbi Brown in a bronze pouch.

Then..I ended up with RM60 of vouchers. Which I must get rid off before 25th March. Today, I went to Gurney, Parkson Grand again (eh, nuffnang, can ask Parkson want to advertise on my site?) to spend the vouchers. But I ended up with nothing to buy.

But the shopping bug bites because my chettiar just banked in a roll of cash into my bank this morning. So, must zap my atm’s credit card lor for thrills mah. Ended up buying two pairs of shoes from Blay. Got 50% discount wor. Blay shoes don’t always discount wan, ok?

Then, ding-dong-ding-dong, jalan-jalan aimlessly with my toddler and went to Crabtree & Evelyn and kena the ‘Buy RM200, get RM120 free set of skin care’ bait. Gee…I am such a sucker.


So, faster buy some body scrub, face brush, hand cream and biscuits and jeng jeng jeng, got the above for free. Dem hepi, I tell you.

Anyway, lucky the sky turned very dark and I have to run and pick my two other kids up or else, I sure pokkai with all the ‘buy this, get that free’ baits.

Women! We are such suckers, aren’t we? Or do guys fall those traps too?

14 thoughts on “Sucker for freebies and discounts

  1. I went to Parkson on Tuesday too because I wanna get the double voucher plus free gift set for my Clinique. So, now I know 5xMom also not immune to shopping. Way to go!

  2. Hee.. My mum is exactly like u! Once she was not free, then she asked me to go and get for her anything in any brand that comes with the nicest free gift. So cute!

  3. aunty, me as sucker as u too. spent slightly more than RM1k in EsteeL (eye care, cleanser, m-up remover, loose powder, sun block…..all necessities) & got freebies of whole full range of their skin care + RM180 vouchers….yeah mean more shopping today before they expire on 25/3.

  4. Then I think I’m not ‘normal’. I hardly go shopping unless I seriously need to buy something. My other 1/2 also damn kiam siap one. How ah? Any cure?

  5. Yesterday at Kuching airport, argued with the salesgirl. Put there “BUY FOUR, ONE FREE”…which means I buy 4 but pay for 3 only because 1 is FREE!!! She said must take 5, pay for 4, so I told her, then must put “BUY 4, GET 1 MORE ABSOLUTELY FREE”. Dunno whether it was because I was so nice or I’m so handsome…I bought I pack MARS bars and 1 pack MILKY WAY bars…and she gave me 1 pack MARS bars FREE!!!! He he he!!! BTW, Lilian, Boney-M hairsyle kah??? I tot Penang people hair all like that? Like Alleycats!! Arumugam!!! LOL!!! Jgn marah, ya! Nanti cepat tua!!!

  6. when I go home to visit, my mom will supply me with all of her boguslink and shopping cards so I can collect points for her. You name it, she got it. She wants to redeem all kitchen appliance on the catalog (as if we don’t have enough at home) and my dad is just fascinated with electric toothbrushes.

  7. dun like to spend on make ups…kalau perfume…anytime..dah berlambak free bags and towels from these perfume counters..

  8. Simmei – don’t say so loud lar. Me also collect points to my credit cards and bonuslink then, exchange for gift leh. Aiyoh! *face red liau*.
    Lilian, r all ladies like tat as we grow older. Opps, sorry. I mean as we grow to be more mature. Hahaha………..

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