Another ‘in case something happens to me’ situation

My dear atm came home today and passed me a cheque with a big sum which is his compensation for some stuffs. So, I look at it and am not amused because it is very weird for him to give me a cheque payout in my name for that big amount.

So, the conversation was something like this:

Me : Wuah…so much. Give me? You no scared tomorrow I suddenly run off with some man and disappeared with your money?

He : *gives a ‘try it if you can’ lansi lanyong looks*
*smile at toddler and gives signal which means – heh, who will run away from that chubby face lah*

Me : You play-play issit? Paper only issit? Chey…bluff me.

He : No lah…..what if suddenly I k.o in my sleep tonight? The Government will freeze the money in my bank you know?

Me : Huh, really? You mean whatever money in your bank, I cannot withdraw if you kaput-ed?

Now only I know. So, don’t play-play with your finances. Get joint accounts with your spouse and keep those big amounts in both your names. Write a will. Otherwise, you will be left with a huge headache of getting the legal papers drawn out etc.

So, our conversation led on to my forum member’s husband demise. My atm asked me if he is insured. Well, I do not know. He then, went on to tell me how much he is insured by his company and also his personal insurance. Again, I never bother to know such things because I always take for granted that I am going to kick the bucket first before him so that I don’t have to deal with being a lonely widow next time. Moreover, both my parents died young whilst his parents lived till past 70 years old. Still, what he revealed is a somewhat comforting to me. At least I know we won’t go hungry if *touch wood* anything happens. It may helped to get a kid or three to get through colleges and U.

He then told me about his colleague who suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and discovered he had Bell Palsy. Just like that, no warning and kena half his face which can or cannot be cured. (Bell palsy caused the face to ‘freeze’ like kena stroke)

So, yeah, don’t take things too much for granted. We never know what can happen. So wives, be smart. Prepare for all these eventualities. Just the other day, my close relative asked me to be witness to their will. For my atm and I, we have no properties but a miserable apartment and car. But those who have real estates and other properties, don’t take a risk.

If tomorrow never comes….

14 thoughts on “Another ‘in case something happens to me’ situation

  1. Wahlao… this post gave me a shock man…. siao siao I think liao also worried of myself, always laugh laugh laugh later sleep lor, next morning wake up see my mouth cannot close liao how?????????!!!!

  2. better be cautious…. my dad passsed away over 3 years ago.. Property ( Penang) joint with my mum until now still no LC to sell. My hubby and I have living wills too in case we get into coma or paralysed no one has to guess what our wishes are.

  3. Very true. I had a long battle with the courts when my mum passed away. Its better to have wills prepared.

    Looking from another point, live your life to the fullest. You can’t predict what will happen next. Every morning you wake up, its a bonus. Like what Ah Lian said, If tomorrow never comes………..

  4. Hi Lilian
    Well i think that is a reminder to all of us .
    Of course those old enough , i really need to
    sort out my will .

    cheerz thanks for the reminder

  5. Thanks for the reminder Lilian. Sometimes we take it for granted that everything is hunky dory everyday.

  6. I also take this things for granted, hubby always tells me, in case he tong kua tau fu , he already planned this n that for the kids future…..I try not to think of that side..

    But life is really unpredictable.. recently one of his colleague just k.o in the office due to heart attack

  7. I agree… even more important for people like me with complicated family situations. Amanah Raya is quite active in promoting will-writing. Protect your family.

  8. oppss…i’ve everything done but short of a will…

    anyway, a fren of mine died in a car accident last week. I was shocked as he was a very careful driver. he leaves behind 3 kids, youngest 2yo and his wife. I feel sorry for the wife as she not only lost her husband but to take care of the 3 kids. i do not know if the husband made a will or left any money accessible to her or did he have any insurance. i can tell it’s not easy. Life maybe short. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  9. “Get joint accounts with your spouse and keep those big amounts in both your names.”

    Not actually. If you get a joint account, it’ll still be frozen because his name is there and you’d still be stuck with no money, esp the big amounts unless and until the will is read and the court stuff is settled. The banks don’t care whether or not you’re a joint holder. If one of you is dead, it’s frozen.

    Also make sure that everything is evenly spread out. Most importantly, if you don’t want your EPF to go to anyone else (including the state), make sure you make your nominations and check and recheck every year that the nomination that you made has not changed or remains. We have a Malaysia Boleh system… Boleh rosak, Boleh hilang…

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