My online will (no I am not suicidal! tiu)

I actually wanted to write an online will for my online stuffs yesterday but changed my idea because people may think that I am suicidal. Incidentally, my webhost server was down and it got me even more convinced that I should leave some form of will online so that in case of any tongkua-taufoo, some of you good folks out there can point things in the direction. Who knows, skali I kicked the bucket and no one knows what to do with my precious domains, who to contact and all that?

Anyway, I got a call just now about one of my forum member husband who passed away in a car accident. He is very young and they have young kids. My heartfelt condolence to her. If you hang around local forums, probably you are aware of this?

So, what stopping me from writing an online will on my online stuffs, right?

Here it goes…In case I suddenly kaput-ed, lost my memory or eloped with some man and disappeared….these are things I bequeathed:

1) My parenting forum I leave the administration to my most loyal member Ros. You can either shut it down or carry on.

2) My bereaved parent and critically ill children websites No one has the strength to carry on updating so I hope someone will be kind and generous enough to sponsor the domains.

3) My parenting website and parenting blog These draw some decent income so anyone willing to work with my sons to manage it will get 50% of the income.

4) My personal blog Oi, die liao, where got blog somemore? So, let the site runs and it is self-financed, many times over. Maybe, my son can work with Bryan and post a live funeral or something to draw traffic. Any drama king or queen are most welcome to make it big-big. Otherwise, someone write a WordPress plugin and churn my 2,000 posts and make it like a new post everyday. It will last at least five years.

5) My dozen or so blogs They are also self-financed, meaning they get good income. So, until the day my sons can take over these topics like making money, photography, food, women stuffs, you are free to negotiate with my atm and sons to be the blogger and share a 50% revenue.

My passwords Of course, my #2 son will be able to log on to my three PCs and retrieve them. My Google Adsense, TextLinkAds, ReviewMe, PayPal income – I give them in four equal shares to my four sons. But managed by son #2 because he is the only one who has any interest in my blogs.

My webhosts I have two webhosts. One is Bryan who keeps most of my domains. The other is BlueHost which is my experimental project with only about four domains there. All my domains are paid three years in advance, till 2010. So, if Byran forgets to renew my domain, I will come back and haunt him. BlueHost lasts till 2008 and it is no biggie because Wingz has the password as he shared frenzrss with me.

And all of you bear witness to this in case something happens to me. The End.

Sign as witness here, please. Hahaha.

20 thoughts on “My online will (no I am not suicidal! tiu)

  1. To remind me of her mah! How you know? Inside might have her deepest, darkest secret. *LOL*

  2. *make farting sounds with armpits* Padan muka Terence. Nyek….Hoi, I go Old Town Kopitiam and order and eat on your behalf, ok? e-Gate anyone?

    erin – Terence ah kua? LOL. Good one!

  3. Erina – Hahaha, what is hum pau sub?

    Ah Beng ko – Dun angry, dun angry. *sked* It is just a scramble of the letters K A U and K U A.

    Ah Pek – Aww…dun cry. Your share is the real assets like my 50 ft yacht and the plane we used to fly to Hongkong for dim sum.

    budokid – Can lah, you remember to burn modem for me, k?

  4. I read your entry from the bottom…I’m speechless to know my name is at the top, but well of course I’d do it if….well don’t want to think about it, my dear friend.

  5. What is my position again?

    Maintain most of your blog? No need study meh? You 24-7 at home wan…Eh, good idea also horr…

  6. Is blogging and being a stay-at-home mom making you sot sot already? Too soon to think of dying. Why not think of a nice holiday on Carribean Beach with Wi-max blogging?

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