Hoi! Where is my yehsou guest blogger ah?

Someone promised me a yehsou (Jesus) post. It is supposed to be a first guest blogging on 5xmom. I am waitinggggggg…………..You better get it done before the weekend because I have announced it. Or else I post your nekid photo on my blog.


Gotta run! Just bought not one but two cameras! OMG, OMG, OMG, I love my husband sooooo much…. Looks adorably at him with $$_$$ eyes.

No lah, actually I am busy because I am on duty to jaga OHP at 6 pm. Pray-pray I don’t screw up as usual. Now, everybody pray!

And guys, have you been receiving the good news? From nuffnang? I have! Four blogs confirmed! Woohoo!

When I get back, I show you all pics of my new cameras. One for my son, one for me and one freaking lens that costs RM2.7K! Siao man…but as Ah Lian said – If tomorrow never comes….

18 thoughts on “Hoi! Where is my yehsou guest blogger ah?

  1. What super duper camera did you buy until 2.7k for the lens?

    A Nikon?

    Sigh, I wish I had the income to go shopping freely. šŸ˜›


  2. wow, 2 cameras at one time ? gonna go with my dad to the photo fair at bjbc this thursday. he’s got his eye on the canon ixus 900.

    i love the sony t10 (discont model) PINK one. but everyone advises me NOT to get it šŸ™ will surely match your pink laptop but i think it’s not professional and high-performance enough for your pictures…

  3. melvin – It is 18-200mm Nikon

    yinglai – Jin uncle said your dinosaur can go into museum already! LOL. Get Nikon lah, the colour is so much more natural.

    samm – He sms he is so excited already. I think he must go up moutain to get the inspirasi. Kehkehkeh.

    helen – Write paid posts lah, monthly oso can afford one.

    danny – Tks to PPP, Google, TextLinkAds, Reviewme…..can buy every month, gerenti.

  4. hey there. thank you for your well wishes… i truly appreciate it.

    shall wait for this jesus post… curious.

  5. zewt – Glad to see you here. You won’t believe it if I tell you it is your mom’s passing that got the guy to talk about writing it. He refused to read yr post ‘cos he found it too ‘raw’ for him ‘cos it touched a chord in him. And that got him to mumble about writing something so I forced him to do it. LOL. Anyway, keep smiling, times will be hard but we have to go through it still.

  6. yehsou said sunday is a day of rest lah. But hor…my site oso kena hacked liao. And I gotta go practice choir plus do the costing for making tomyam beehoon for a thousand people! OMG, I hopethe beehoon multiply like the bread and fish done by Jesus.


    Thank you for doing minimal damages. If you are willing, can I hire you to be an assassin? I really appreciate that you have the mercy to change only my categories. I know you are fantastic and bravo! Can teach me the tricks? I am a fast learner.

    And to those WP gurus, tell me what else need to be done?

    My WP is 2.1.2. Yet it has been hacked.

    My phpBB forum has been redirected to the hacker’s site. The members are mailing me like mad but I am not familiar with phpBB forum. So, ladies, you just have to live with no forum until then. (I dunno when)

  8. fast fast go change all ur password, database name, wordpress name, whatever names, to prevent kena hack again lo, also reinstall wordpress, see how it goes, hopefully database is not disturb, else die lo…

  9. jiunjie: aiya, change everything also doesnt mean the fella cannot hack if there’s a loophole in wp security. but i’m not saying there isn’t one.

    lilian: err.. wish i could help, even i’m having problems with my blog – host side i think. but all i can suggest is to have a single account in ur wordpress. delete the rest for now. report to wordpress.org. email matt at wordpress.org. itu the developer/founder. hope it works. šŸ˜€

  10. ahhh… so that faith entry should be from him.

    well, if he found it to be too raw, then he must not read my latest one šŸ™‚

    i go check out faith now

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