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Hello everyone, it gives me great pleasure to be featured in one of the most happening and influential blogs in Malaysia. Lilian has been a good friend with me for a while now. I thought she was joking when she mentioned about guest blogging on her blog.
Anyway, here I am now writing about faith.

Faith, some are born into it, some are raised into it from young and some are converted into it later in life. I am using the word faith instead of religion as I find the word ‘religion’ too complex and sensitive. Because I believe, if you have enough faith in yourself, you too can be the Great Divine.

All, I mean all faiths teach and preach us to be good and never harm others. But then again, there are some who commit bad deeds and link them to their faiths. We all have to start with ourselves. We practice and preach faith. We pray and we perform rituals to our faith. In doing so, we are actually meditating and conditioning our minds and actions according to the teachings of the faith.

There should also be no arguments and debates about whose ‘Taikor or Tai Kah Cheh’ is the greatest and best Divine. There also shouldn’t be issues about which faith you must choose. I strongly believe in free will.

I have come across converts whom do not want to offer prayers in the way of another faith during a funeral. But the ironic part is, it was the converts’ own parent funeral. You chose your own faith, so did your parents. Which faith teaches or preaches not to love and respect your own parents. Not one.

There are those who crash planes into buildings and claim it is done according to their faith and they die a ‘Hero’. You really think so? Ask yourself, it’s a simple answer.

The world does not owe you a living. Do not blame faith if things go wrong in your life. Count your blessing, it could be worse. I always believed this, scriptures were written centuries ago and according to the conditions and situation at the time of writing. What if they were written during times of hatred, sadness and anger? They are scriptures, they have to be written. Teachings and preaching should evolve too.

Its like who would have thought the internet would evolve to a stage where you make money through blogging and buy yourself ‘Bobbi Browns’ and ‘Nikons’.

Lastly, do the best you can. Life’s short, live it to the fullest. Thank you.

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  1. That is from Terence. I know some of you have questions on your mind like :

    Who is Terence? Is he a blogger? Where is his blog? Is he 5xmom’s stalker? How come you give him to guest blog but never ask the rest of us?

    Hahaha, oi, Ah Beng, you sindiri go reply lah. I gotta run! Must go pangsai liao. Later kena sing Josh Groban ‘You raise me up’. Or else when use the abdomen muscles, can fart one.

  2. I care. Im watching live now as at 4:25pm M’sian time since 3:30pm. I’ve been following Ahpek site the most. He’s the worst case one. I have a post about it. still compiling live. Well, im working now in the office therefore i can go live. hopefully ahpek survive and yours too. so far i can see your category been hacked by FREEBOY???

    damn this hacker… oops i better protect myself… stay cool lilian.

  3. papajoneh – Yeah, dun worry, be happy. I like his theory of if you have enough faith in yourself, you too can be the Great Divine. I think many cannot agree to this but it is rather true, even for a Christian like me.

    papajoneh – I hope the Freeboy will have mercy. All hail Freeboy!

    budokid – Really ah? Sei lor…

  4. 5xmum…. why your header always photos of food wan…. everytime read your blog i get hungry and start missing food at home…. *drools and then sobs*

  5. Nice post Terence. 🙂

    If I may add a little to your well thought piece, (in good faith:-)) I have a little thought on the funeral practices you mentioned. There are Christians out there not willing to conform to the practices of other funeral rites simply because they don’t think of it as an act of disrespect to the deceased. Respect and love can only be afforded to someone when they’re alive and kicking. Any ritualistic practices done for the dead is sadly more often than not done for the eyes of the living. 🙂


  6. sorry hor, lilian,

    meself oso like balls bursting kenot log into my dashboard to delete the 2 stupid post!

    didn’t know u oso got logged out. I thought he just played with your categories oni.

    Bryan still haven’t replied my email. Dunno what to do.
    If you find a solution, do let me know asap.

    wings punya hamkalink oso kena.

    let’s huddle and cry together….

  7. Pity Aunty lilian and Uncle AhPek.. so kolian..what’s in the mind of FREEBOY? Too FREE , got nothing to do ? If you have the ” leong sam” , please send the solution to auntie Lilian. She ‘ll forgive you.

    God bless you.

  8. Ahpek – LOL, must be jeles you raba-raba with me ler. Or your stalker jeles I mo-sou-mo-keok (touch hand touch leg) with you. Bwahahaha….But dun worry lah, Bryan is out of Penang but he should be back soon to settle this. He spoked to me already. Enjoy the fame while we can. Not everyone is a target of hackers. We got hacked, hence, we are femmes! Yam seng! Thank you, Freeboy! We love yew, lafu you, lup u, muakssss.

  9. eevet – No lah, Freeboy got leong sam cos he never take the site down. We are still alive. Just happy first time got hacked. Hehehe. (positive thinking mah)

  10. Celaka, comments mainly on Ah Lian’s site being hacked pulak.

    Helen, I agree with your comment. Its not what we do during the final send off but what we have done when those ppl were still alive. But if you read my post in detail, I did not mention any RELIGION or FAITH in particular. You said it. Is it what they are practicing so obvious? Time to evolve I guess.

    Thank you all once again for taking the time to read. Woi! How to tell ppl our secret affair lah. So secretive until I also dont know how to explain. Blek!

  11. 5xmom, is this the yeh sou post you mentioned earlier? the one written due to my mom’s passing?

    anyway, i did performed rituals according to the buddhist way during my mom’s funeral. my pastor was there. he said… as long as i am doing it for my mom, go ahead.

    in my heart, i am not worshipping any other God but the God in my heart. and when i bow down, i bow down in respect to my mom, in love to my mom.

    and they they chant… they asked me to chant… i said the Lord’s prayer.

  12. zewt, Sorry on your mother’s passing but the post is not connected to it. It was written in general.

    I didnt dare read ur post. Because I lost my mum too.

    “in my heart, i am not worshipping any other God but the God in my heart. and when i bow down, i bow down in respect to my mom, in love to my mom.”

    Thats the spirit/mindset that most is lacking. For what you did, YOU are ONE with your faith. Good on you. I truly respect you for that.

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