Nix Loh made a logo for 5xmom!

Nix then designed two for me. One goodie one and one with cuss words. Before I present the banners, here is the designer…..Nix Loh! Banyak yau yeng. Very MTV-ish.

And here are two banners :


Thank you, Nix! If I meet you, I ‘chia’ you makan, ok?


Splashmilk offered to help me re-do the design of my site. Someone else too. But I am sked of changing banner and template ‘cos if my Google Adsense commit suicide and leap down, mati lah saya.

So, how? Nice or not?

34 thoughts on “Nix Loh made a logo for 5xmom!

  1. Ok ler. The ball looks like the Ministry of Sound’s. But you are Boney M era, so its a disco ball then. Wrong hairstyle lah, not Boney M enough.

    Another Loh??? OMG!!!!!

  2. Maybe instead of the ball for the letter O, should put ur face there with the round afro Boney M hairstyle.

    That would be great!!!! *now, now behave ar*

  3. ahpek – u go ask my k-kia and see lor. Nix doesn’t do this for a living, only help fren-fren.

    terence – ………………

  4. I like the second one….. Me so jealour liau -( Can help make my banner also moh??? I can belanja makan lar. Please please please…..

  5. Hihi Lillian is it…Cedric’s K-Mak..very the mALu ler…see u write my name like where can face myself liao..ahahah..but do some oromo la..if u guys here from Penang, u guys can visit me at MOMO Penang, located infront of Sega Fredo Upper Penang Road. to SS!! hehe…again its MOMO penang loo..ahaha..i work there de ma..keek.. anyway, thnx for the blast of name! ahah~

  6. Wakakakakakaka… He is a geng designer… because hor, I requested A BLOGGER to help but he thinks he is a celebrity come show me the lansi lanyang look, mai diu him lar, as if i can’t find someone better. Nixx rules!!!

  7. It’s good to have friends who will do this kind of work for you! It’s also good to have friends who will TAG you! LOL

    See what the tag is all about at Island castaway bloggers. Hope you’ll join and tag five more bloggers for your own deserted island! šŸ™‚

  8. I’ll go for the 1st one. Cuz, the 1st one more look like Lilian, the happy one. The 2nd one gave me a grumpy impression about her.

  9. both also very nice. ehhhh u mean 5xmom not stand for mom of 5 kids meh? cos the 5ex look like sex… sengaja one is it? sei lor…i read yr blog so long also din notice.

  10. ahahah…i dun even know wat does 5xmom means,..LOL…memalukan!! i am impress that u guys are real bloggers man….i’m very impress! can spend time.capture picture, video..then load them into the net..and them write aday of it at ur sweet ‘blog’ its like,…wow!1 such work..yet..u guys can do it!! PUI FUK!!

  11. Kenny Ng : wow!! come momo ya time! i’m so putting ur name in the list of momo!

    papajoneh : thnx~

  12. wah, lilian, have been reading your blog for a while now, and now only want to comments wor.. bcos this logo really looks nice wor.. Kudos!

  13. nice one!
    js some quick comment ah, since ur site is white background, i think is best to have those alphabet filled with pink so that when u put them on site, the logo does stand out from the wholly white background.

    another thing is about the ministry of sound thing. i kinda agree with terence lah since u come from the era of bell bottoms n BeeGees, that ball can be the disco ball. the hairstyle i would suggest more afro lah like beehive lidat.

    overall is chun. congrats lilian!

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