Please don’t ask me anymore

The MyMomsBest’s forum is hacked and it is redirected to a site in Turkish. You cannot access the forum until my webhost helped me to clear the shits. I wish I know how to solve it but I don’t. Don’t worry, the forum is still there, it is just redirected, that’s all. Arrggh..enough of emails already, please.

Those of you who missed the weekend drama, this blog of mine was hacked. I got logged out of my own blog and I realised every one of us are not safe. Lesson learnt – Never do anything online which you don’t want others to know. So to of you who loves to blog anon., watch your butt. These hackers will bite ’em when you least expect it. Muahahahar….getting access to your blog is as easy as 123 to the hackers.

All hail Freeboy! Thank you Freeboy for giving me that realisation that none of us are invincible (or invisible). Now I know……

So, what secrets are you keeping in your PC? Someone can easily hack into it and do a remote access too. You don’t want your sizzling videos online, do you? Or what cybersex chats you had? Watch out, someone is watching. Muahahaharrrrr…

14 thoughts on “Please don’t ask me anymore

  1. There are two common ways to redirect:
    1. hacking the .htaccess file
    2. hacking the index file

    Check them both and you’ll be able to redirect it back to your site without much trouble. Subsequently, to prevent further hacks, check your directory structure and make sure none of your directories have full write access granted to ‘everyone’.

  2. Wahlau…breastfeeding forum also can get hacked??? That speaks volumes for you, 5xMom =)

    Hope that it gets repaired fast…I was just directing a friend there today for help!

  3. No wonderlahhhh!!!! last nite i was going thru the forum …suddenly .. this strange site kluaq …. hack rupanya … Can they please go and hack some other site … this is a breastfeeding site for heaven’s sake!!!

  4. helen – Dunno how to do it, dun feel like learning to. 🙁

    lyza – Maybe people ‘love’ me so much. 😛

    kittycat – Hehehe, have patience. I am not sure when it will be saved.

    Zeo – Before I can log into admin, I kena re-directed, so how lah. Never mind, I ask Bryan to help me upgrade. Actually, I am very tired of kena hack. Kena many times already but too poor to afford V-bulletin cos the forum dun generate any income wan.

    gb – Ok, I go check and see. Even if it kills the whole forum. LOL.

    wuching – You mean OUR videos? Ooohh…dun forget our MSN chats. Nay…that saucy-saucy, kinky-kinky ones?

    earl-ku – Cilakak, laugh at me somemore.

  5. Lilian,
    My guess is, its sql injected to your blog, hence it was being redirected. It could be iframe as well.

    Update every software that you have got. Most of these script kiddies use old exploits that WP or your forum had.

    Seen too many of these things happened before, dont worry, they don’t know your password one =)

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