The Jay Chou poster from Curse of the Golden Flower

I will let my K-Kia reply his own comments in the previous post. Meantime, I just wanna show off that I got a Nikon D40 with 18-200mm VR lense which means I can zoom far-far and still take great macro shots. (the KNN lense cost more than the camera + kit lense, you know?)

So, I was at my regular lengjai camera shop in Gurney Plaza and I zoom-ed to the Jay Chou movie poster from The Curse of the Golden Flower which is a few shops away.


So, yeah, I am an old perverted dame who is obsessed with Jay Chou in this movie poster.


Gay Cow, Gay Chou, wateva, he is soooooo handsome here.

13 thoughts on “The Jay Chou poster from Curse of the Golden Flower

  1. nyonya, your old kkc dowan to sell ar?? Sell lar, cheap2 to ppl with no kkc like me… 😉

  2. Melvin, what camera and lenses do you owned?

    What else do you recommend ah? I blur with these stuffs lah. Pls advise. thank you.

  3. Jeles… All in one : no more switching lens (no more dust build up), VR for night shot (drooling). You will love the “optimize” image option once you get use to it. You can switch between shooting portrait with nice skin and high contrast scene 🙂

    melvin : 70-300mm is useless not practical without VR. BTW, few screws is better than more screws 😉

  4. Hehe…when you blogged about buying a Vioa, I also said I was getting one, now a Nikon…what a coincidence, I’m getting one too, but I’m still learning on what lens, and whatnots before deciding, but must be a Nikon. Vioa will be in my hands soon;) All is actually for my research la, and that camera will be mostly used in caves…a lot to learn, now pening already!

  5. wow, modern aunty with D40!!!!! dun play play.
    Should buy external flash lightlah coz the long lens will block the light path. Then the bottom picture will get dark

  6. Terence: I got a d200 and d2x

    moo_t : the Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED is a VR lens.

    When I say 2 screws, I meant it was only 2 screws holding, hence the lens broke into 1/2


  7. Melvin: Show us some shots lah. U r a pro photographer? Those are 2 mean bodies. What lenses do u have as well lah? Tell us more.

    Sorry ah, I m interested in photography but i blur lah.

  8. Have fun with your new toy! Now go shoot-shoot here, shoot-shoot there, here shoot, there shoot, everywhere shoot-shoot, lilian has a D40, e-i-e-aaaiiiiiii … eh, eh … aiks …. *blushes*

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