Nah, ‘chia’ you eat french toast with honey and peanut butter.


Bread dipped in egg and milk. Fried with a dab of butter till golden colour.


Topped with honey and peanut butter. Just like how it should be.


Sprinkled with little, tiny pink hearts and blue hearts.

Love it?

13 thoughts on “Hungry?

  1. Make with all the love from heart and to the table with all this little hearts…….. no matter how also, sure nice one. This is for Matthew???

  2. i was like… come got those hearts thingy one…i thot u had sons only…will they be bothered with the deco? i think they wud just like chomp chomp and wallop everything without looking rite?? hahahaa

  3. erina – No. Matthew wants his with butter and sugar. Yeah, made with love from the heart. Hehehe.

    sassyjam – Yes it is yummy.

    samm – Nice ler.

    terence – Heh, I had HK abalone noodle with abalone (mushroom). I got will power one….Few more weeks only.

    aceone – Go make some lor.

  4. jenny – You can find them from baking section in the supermarkets. Meant for decorating cakes but lovely to break the mundane brownish colours when taking food photos. I *heart* the hearts.

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