Move over Xiaxue, here comes LaoZharBor!

First, warning to AhPek. You behave yourself, ok? You promised to be my chengyan already, so cannot one leg step two boats, ok? Promise hor?

Ok, now, I want to introduce to all of you Singapore latest female, hottest, very popular blogger. She is more femmes than Xiaxue because she is an actress. Dun pway-pway. I had seen her movie too. Except that I didn’t know she is a blogger too.

Oooohhh….mama, when I grow up, I want to be a blogger like LaoZharBor too! No, wait, I just told Samm and Sasha that when I am that old, I want to be screwing millionaires angmohs high on Viagra in some Swiss villas while I have my minions of webmasters, webhosts, webdesigners and ghost writers to keep my blogs for me.

Of which Sasha scolded me, “Hoi, women are very loyal wan, where got spouse kicked bucket go find another one.”

My reply, “I dun care wor, I already told my atm, he got no permission to go before me ‘cos I sked lonely mah. So, if he does it (kick bucket first), then I sure go find lomantik, loving, rich horny angmohs wan. It is a deal already.”

Oops, I forget, back to LaoZhaBor. Check out her blog. Very de femmes. I want to be like her! But if only I dare to wear a towel and pose so invitingly. Cis, why my mama never give me guts like that?

Have a good day, ya all!

The not-yet-so-lao-zha-bor.

23 thoughts on “Move over Xiaxue, here comes LaoZharBor!

  1. hadi – Who? Me? Eheh, I know…with a MacBook, fuyoh! I cuma Pink Vaio, kalah ledi.

    And to Terence – Sorry hor, the topic I am supposed to blog seems pale compared to this. So, heh, enjoy!

  2. the laozhabor is an actress right? wow.. i haven’t the faintest idea she can speak such good english.. @_@ and all the camwhoring.. @_@ @_@ @_@

  3. aiyoh! that day went to watch Just Follow Law ( a comedy from Singapore ) , tht auntie mention that Website of LaoZhaBor , i tot play play nia ! Now oni i know it really exists!!! O_O unbelievable ……….

  4. Ah Pek won’t go for other people one . You and forever you. That is Ah Pek, I have confidence in him. So, Ah Pek please don’t dissapoint me hor and make my leng cheh sad. Otherwise, I come after you. LOL

  5. You are not lau char boh, you are sui char boh mah……. She is old but she is canggih with technology. Many ppl always give the excuse saying aiyah! old already don’t wan lar , don’t know lar and etc etc . To me all this are excuses.

  6. This xiaxue was crazy hotlah!!!!!! I didn’t no she got blog also……

    Why I only can said LaozhaoBor is : As old as ginger but taste more spicy!!!!

  7. wow, I think she is the oldest blogger, respect her attitude of catching up to learn using computer. Her blog is simple, more relax to read.

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