My lack of worrying worries me

I just realised that I have problem with worrying. Or the lack of it. Do you know that I had put up my hands to volunteer to cook for a family carnival? Initially, I thought I am cooking for a hundred persons. Of course, the whole choir gang is helping out and I am merely pulling the things together by getting the stuffs, flavour the cooking and maybe help a bit.

But the 100 turned into 400. And now the number has grown to 700 minimum because we need to raise RM2,000 from the sales. But 700 is not the final figure. The organiser told us they had RM20,000 coupons and they expect at least 1,000 people to come. Some of my choir members are rather worried. Me? I told them – If Jesus can multiply the five loaves of bread to feed the five thousand (?), then, Jesus is going to multiply my estimated 100 packets of tomyam fried beehoon to 1,000 packets. Muahahaharr…Am I terribly faithful or am I terribly foolish? I don’t know.

I got a worry wart son who worries over everything and he is going to vomit blood because whenever he tells me something, I have a solution for him. He wants to commit to some church activities and at the same time, committed to some scouting activities. Both need his serious commitments and he cannot make up his mind. He came to me and I told him to commit to both sides and Jesus will solve his problems. Heh, who ask him to have me as a mom? My motto – In Jesus’s word – Do not worry. For your Father in Heaven will know what to do for you.

Don’t worry, be happy.

2 thoughts on “My lack of worrying worries me

  1. well…. ask everyone to sit down… ask a few fellas bring the beehoon… break it up… look into heaven… give thanks… and say… now… go to the restaurant at the end of the road and ask them to cook more.
    haha… May God forgive me…. He is quite humourous sometimes.

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