Which country to go to – KNN meme again!

msau and giddy tigers tagged me. Better fast fast do or else sure kena even more.

Where do I want to go next?
Tiu lor, I am writing from my pink Vaio and there are no photos in here. So, I go pick one photo from Flickr set.


Nah, Koh Samui. Big, rock hard KKC. Thailand. But wait, I don’t want to go to Thailand lah. Later kena bomb, susah. The place that I want to go most is Switzerland. I had wanted to drop in when I was in Europe last time but no money to buy the extra train ticket.


So, the nearest to Switzerland was Paris. I had been to only Paris and most parts of Italy. But wait, why Switzerland? ‘Cos in my last post I had said that I want to go to Switzerland to find horny angmohs high on Viagra, marry him for his Swiss villas, chocolate factories and views of the Swiss Alps. I won’t be doing that anytime soon. Don’t worry. I only go if my atm kicked the bucket before me and I would probably be 70 years old then.

But hor, I heard Switzerland is famous for rejuvenation. They can rejuvenate hampalang of your body and I mean hampalang, every single open pores to holes. You get what I mean, huh? Huh? I heard they say that they take the kambing biri-biri dunno what and then, inject into us to make us young. So, hor, you imagine if too much of the kambing biri-biri (sheep) hormones liao, when horny angmohs high on Viagra screw this 70 years old woman time, she would go ‘mekkkkk….mekkkkk……mekkkkk…Ayam kambing ayam kambing ayam kambing’or not ah?

(ayam kambing = i am coming = also means chicken goat/sheep)

14 thoughts on “Which country to go to – KNN meme again!

  1. Only time I go to Switzerland is when there are some banking problems/issues.

    *shhhh, dont tell anyone, nanti ACA dengar**

  2. You know wat Lilian, sometimes life is so down when you have so much things to do. And time don’t seem to be enough and the worst part is sometimes things aren’t on ourselve. Do until tulan liau but with you…. life seem intereting. You always have this funny funny thing to share with us. Luckily hor, no one around lor. Otherwise, they must be wondering how come this lady laugh by herself. Btw, you sure moh, they injection this to make us lady look young. Wah lau…… then, I wan to consider leh. Wanna look beautiful mah *face red liau*

  3. sasha – Dunwan ler..later he thinks he is screwing a goat, skali potong stim. LOL.

    terence – Ok, you are excused.

    erina – I oso dunno I am going to end up writing that wan ler. I memang got mood wan, the moment I put my fingers to the keyboard the things just came popping out. They use the sheep fetuses to get the cells. I heard our ex-PM oso go for threatment in the Swiss Spas wor.

    Giddy Tiger – Hehehe.

  4. hehehe… that’s a good one! I tot kambing biri-biri only in NZ wor… din know those from the Swiss Alps are so much greater!

  5. ehh i saw that thing before in a clinic in kl, say inject dunno wat wat then will pull renew back the skil wor say make the cells grow again or sumthing…

    but haiya apasal wan to bully the poor kambing! suck the life outta da poor kambing biri biri just to pull back ur wrinkles meh

  6. Switzerland.. Toooooooo expensive.

    If the country living cost climb to unbearable level, I will go open restaurant in Lake Toba (don’t play play, the area is bigger than 4 Singapore, the volcano island is near the size of Singapore) . Average 22-25 degree celcius during sunny day. And fanatics don’t bother to go there. šŸ™‚

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