Penang small island only

You know hor, we live in this tiny island. Everywhere you go, sure got people you know bump into you. Therefore, if you want to do what-what with someone, better don’t try it on the island. Like for example lah, you want to bring your yee-lai go some motel, I gerenti you sure bumped into your wife’s uncle’s son who is taking care of the reception or your wife’s yee-kau-foo’s wife who is doing housekeeping.


See lah, today I go out for dinner and already bumped into not one but three bloggers.

Left to right : AL, PC Legend, me lah! and Emily.

So, you say dangerous or not, living in a small island? Go out oso must make sure not totally look like a bag lady or else, sei for, skali end up on some blogs, mah chialat?


Therefore, have you bumped into people when you least expect it? And ever wonder why we never bump into some people when we desperately need to see that person? You know…like say you got a crush on someone and you pray and pray and pray to at least meet but nay…no such luck. Or how even after making up plans, things went haywire and the person has to ffk (disappeared) at the last minute? For me, I think our big boss up there plans everything. Sometimes, things are not just coincident but all planned. Like how we end up meeting our soul mates or how, we could never meet even when we want to. All hail the big Divine Boss!

7 thoughts on “Penang small island only

  1. earl – blame it on screamyass lah. SPeed so slow, I thot sudah mati, so I keep pressing ‘Publish’. Manatau, skali PaulTan MSN me ‘wanna get ban?’ Then only I realised. Bad karma, my site kena downtime for over 12 hours and I lost millions of USD from Adsense. Kahkahkah.

  2. I’ve been trying to bump into you for ages, go to Gurney, my eyes always scanning for you or your kids, QBay also the same… Tak ada jodoh la… šŸ™

    Btw, thanks for being an inspiration, I’ve finally made the jump. šŸ™‚

  3. Athene – You got a blog! Yay! Those lovely pics of your deserve a blog lah. Memang tak ada jodoh ya? Never mind, it will come.

    PC – Ok lah, chia you kopi kau next time. RM2.50 only hehehe.

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