We are so cute, so don’t scold us hor…

I went to Old Town Kopitiam just now and bumped into PC Legend, Emily and gang. Sorry hor, girls. I came back and found these bee-kim waiting for me. So I must fast fast pick up the bee-kim because it is like kena lottery like that. Want to see our camwhoring photos nice or not, also no time.

And I think my readers are going to scream, what the fook happened to 5xmom? She loaded us with tujuh posts all within one day? But apa boleh buat, saya muka duitan, jek. Dua latus amalika, jangan main main.


See, we so cute what. Don’t scold hor?

6 thoughts on “We are so cute, so don’t scold us hor…

  1. hey mrs loh!! i saw mr loh! LOL! very happy tat u can recognize me. hehe. u realli choo bit me huh?? nvm.. nxt time i choooo bittt ur son! haha..

    chooobeee nya!!! ur son i mean. LOL!

  2. btw.. i never once be 1st in ur comment.. n guess wat i’m 2nd too.. LOL! nice meeting u and ur new camera jes now. hehe..

  3. pinksterz – Read my Make Money blog, sure got source wan. http://5xmom.com Gerenti!

    Bryan – Baru 12.48, gua sudah amalika satu ratus sembilan puluh. Wait two more hours, sure rekod liao. Maybe it is AhPek laughing buddha bringing good luck (he is blog of the day on PPP)

    PC – Heh, lengjai or not, 5xdad? Kahkahkah, so tall hor? Shhhh..Hehehe.

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