Eenie, niamah, miniee, tiu, where should I go?

You know hor…it is Cheng Beng tomorrow. And if you read my previous years post, I get extremely stressed each year. No one can understands so shaddap and don’t ask.


I already counted myself good that I never rant about any IBS matters this year. I still haven’t decide if I am going to tag along and drag my kids up the hill, down the hill tomorrow morning. I love going Cheng Beng, don’t doubt that. But I cannot endure *whisper mode* the over superstitous IBS (outlaws lah).


But what to do…..I am part of the family. Like or not also have to follow the ‘buy chicken, buy duck, buy motorbike, buy hell money’ rituals eventhough I hate the idea. Because if they buy so much, what about my other dead son wor? So, I have to tune to the Christian thoughts but it does get a bit sickening to see baby stuffs sold by those joss-sticks shop. And we have to actually go there and pick them up. You say paper baby clothings, baby bottle, baby shoes, cute or not? KNN.

Now, my dilemma is this. Tonight we kena attend IBS annual convention and I wish to escape. Niamah, show me crabs and prawns and so many yummy foods. Like put me with naked Jay Chou, Ken Watanabe, Brad Pitt on an island and they are sex-starved and I am there for them, but I cannot thou sek (cheat/curi makan). If I say loud-loud, no lah, I on vegetarian, later people think I hypocrite. Then, not to mention the kind of remarks…”aiyor…lu lang hong kau pun u siang sin anneh meh” (eh, you people Christians also believe this?) Like hell, you think hong kau mm si lang ah? (hong kau – Christian) Then, followed by those “aiyah, hong kau hamik kau pun si ho lah” (whatever faith, also good). Like NMCH, if not what you think? I follow cult issit? You think I alien issit?

And this cilakak atm, never tell me in advance, already put words into my mouth. “Eh, tonight you have nothing right? We go for seafood dinner.” I cannot even escape and say I want to go for Stations of the Cross. I didn’t plan to go because it is always too rush for me. By the time, I get dinner on the table, get atm to take over the kids-sitting, I reached there and before I can unwind, the show (mass) is over. It is not sincere so I better stay away.

KNN, I just promised that I won’t rant about Cheng Beng and I just did. Niamah. You better don’t comment if you do not know where I am getting at. I am just damn trapped and I just want to rant. Being married to a man with four sisters and three brothers is damn suffocating, ok? Even my kids have been trained to answer the phone, “Harloww…my mommy ah? She not here wor *gives smiles to me*, she bathing wor.” Because I am not interested to know where to buy seng le (chicken/duck for worshipping) at 5 am in the morning.

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  1. Hahahaha… just now oni my wife say this year we buy KFC go and give all my ancestors eat. They eat oredi, we eat! we all eat!! hahahaa…

    But you kenot eat!

  2. oi luckily i no need to go..suey ma..bring my son to these places..kiah kiah kiah….can avoid for how many years leh? *sigh*

  3. sasha – Lucky la lu. Mine one belum can walk oso I kena bawak with the pig and duck ‘cos my MIL entrusted the duty to me. At least now, I can say, ‘ei, dun ask me to carry so many things hor, gua bawak hati saya sudah cukup and maybe the cangkul.’ Four graves in one morning ler.

    AhPek – KFC? Choy…cannot. Must have duck or duck egg, chicken, pig and a yau yee (represent the sky sea and earth animals). Or else theen kong tiau lor.

    Jenny – Your point is? That I should be mute? Did you not read what I had written? Don’t comment unless you understand what I am getting at.

  4. Maybe that is ur style of writing .. My point is you like to use dirty word like niamah, tiu, knn lor. You really can't accept ppl to comment o. U can delete my comment if you dont like wat i comment, ok?

  5. i been through that last week..but i’m sure i have it easy comapre it to u

    wtf is jenny’s problem..what the fuck is wrong with swearing?? geez!!! niama is just a word! KNN!! childish lar..GROW UP!

  6. Give them this culture blend photos. If you want to print 8R, let me know, mail you the hi-res photo 🙂

    Hahahaa, never though of getting seng le (牲礼)so troublesome. Because my uncles home pretty close to the market. 🙂

  7. hahaha…. damn right damn right… “hong kau em si lang ah?”…. we are all the same… subjec to the temptation of the flesh… sigh.

  8. Bad words got anything wrong ka? I don’t see anything wrong with using bad words lor. Oh, so those movies got bad words you stand up and say, “EH!!! CENSOR IT!!!! GOT CHAO WUAH GOT CHAO WUAH!!!” ka? Siao!
    People blog in the way they want and you can comment it however you want but don’t act as if you’re a kind of goddess to say “delete my comment if you want”, what? Trynna show the bright side of you? What? You don’t scold bad words in your entire life? HECK you just used it! Kakakakakakaka loooooooooooooooser!

  9. Aiyoh!!! You remind me of the work to be done. I got to do it also leh. Being the eldest in the family, the task had pass to me ady. Mine is next Sunday. What I do is go to the restaurant the nite b4. Bawa pinggan pinggan and get them to cook then place on my nice plate. Chicken………. I am not like AhPek. Buy lar Ayamas. At least taste better mah, it won’t lau hong, rite?

  10. aiyo..feel sorry for u la..i know how mah fan it is to go pai san….lucky thing after married , no nid to go oredi cos hubby catholic and his family tarak do one..

  11. K-Kia – Kamsiah. I kena moral police wor. Kek sim lor. Hahaha.

    zewt – I am the only one in the clans being the hong kau, hence the stress.

    moo_t – Yalor, I go buy banner of emperor’s banquet and serve can liao hor? No lah, from the day I know my atm and even before married, I used to cook the whole meals with five dishes and two soups. So when I become Christian four years ago, I no longer do it so being the main organiser and retired liao, things do get a bit chaotic.

    huei – Hahaha, tenkiu.

    erina – Yalor, must remember the tua pek kong, the earth kong and the candles all must matching colour. The papers leh? Got buy red and yellow and white? Hahaha, I expert wan. Can consult me.

    Eve – Lucky you. I do love the ritual but the tensions are great sometimes.

  12. jenny – Ei, I tell you lah. You want to play moral police, choose a better time do it. On other day maybe I will ignore you. But being a woman, you cannot understand my feelings and the torments I go through as a bereaved mother, a Christian trying to fit into my inlaws strict superstitious family and that’s why you deserve to be tiu lor. And I bet you have the moral police mindset that if I have kids, my kids sure all swear bad words, and I do that also. You know what? You are freaking judgemental and people like you are the ones that make the world such a lousy place. Cos you have been all wrong. My kids and I don’t do that – i.e. use bad words in real life . That’s why people who knows me in real life never comment anything and you chao chee bye asked for it. Happy now? Or you want me to cuss in a language your understand?

    And somemore got, if my blog is as lame as your mylamething blog, then, of cos I no need to swear la. People read liao oso yawwwwnnnn. Peeples, don’t visit unless your wanna fall asleep.

  13. Jenny, i dont see why u wanna come here and then leave some dumb comment bout people should not be using any profanities in their blog, oi macibai, its her own blog, what the fuck is with you?

    its her blog she can do whatever she like la … for all i care, and you – you come here, u like what u read – u come back la, u bookmark la …

    u dont like – u just shut the fuck up and and close thr browser la, makahai u dont go leave some comment like u are some goody two shoe and say its not rite to be using so much profanities when you are a mommof 5 kids, niama cibai u should be somehow amazed that a mom of 5 can be blogging and can be writing stuff like this … and then can fuck u back right in the face …

  14. Correct! Show all those lanjiao attitude, fuck u lar, now i love to use bad words i offended which part of u? ur puki ka? Cuz i said “fuck” mar, maybe your pussy got stimulated? Kakakakakakakaka… bodoh

  15. Kakakakaa previously my Kmak wanted me to write a post about the common bad words used but … i am not that heong yet even though I know much about bad words. By the way, Kmak wanted me to take care of her blog now so if the bitch came back for more I’ll fire her with muh supah dupah lampah Zheeeeeeeee~

  16. Lillian, you are the best! Very Keng! I am very new in this intriguing world of blogs…still figuring out what to write for my own blog. I was introduced to your blog by a friend. And you are the 1st blog I’m leaving a comment behind…The minute I read it, I knew immediately you must be from Penang…got Penang slang and all. I wish my mom knows how to work the internet, she’d die laughing reading your blog! Anyway, I’m so glad I found you. You are such a doll!

  17. Hi yah… jenny si hami lang?
    Kong sai kong jio…
    jenny kong uay an neh polite meh?
    mai chap an neh siao char bor…

    5xmom, let’s get on with your next blog writing.
    Singapore si beh sien…

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