When things get repeated too many times, I get tulan wan, ok?

First of all, thanks to all who mailed, MSN, Google Talk, sms and even phoned about ‘Why your blog down ah?’ I really appreciated and really feel so ‘important’. That aside, all my thank yous and sorry, I didn’t reply some of your mails, niceties, let me rant on! Oh yeah, babeh, I so wanna rant now.

My site was down till past midnight. I saw some juicy stuffs I can write but I have no site to do so. Can you imagine seeing RM500 and lots (190*3.4?) more sitting on the road waiting to be picked up and I cannot do it? I could start swearing at my poor webhost, Bryan but I didn’t. Heh, AhPek and I are probably the two best clients in the world. We know that there is only so much he can do so we decided to wait it out. Moreover, Bryan told me he is changing server to a better one and I know he is doing something already.

So, my site came back around almost one am in the morning. ONE AM, you hear? So, I did what I have to do – take the money and run. Who in their stupid mind will not do it, right? Therefore, I did what I did below lor. And seven early, eight early people complained my posts not interesting wor.

Therefore, my point is – I am very damn lantiu because it is already pressure enough for me that I can’t access my own blogs. It is already pressure enough that my adsense stay stagnant. It is already pressure that PPP wrote mails to me they cannot access my blogs and my posts all bounced and I won’t get paid. It is already pressure enough that it is month’s end and usually, my TextLinkAds advertisers come by to check my blogs to see if it is worth advertising for another month and they may cancel all their ads because they cannot get my sites. I have over USD500 at stake there, paid in advance every month.

So, though I appreciate all the concerns and questions, I get double pressures when people say ‘aiyor, cannot read, so sienz’ and then, next minute, start mumbling, ‘aiyer….why got so many $$$ posts wan and so lame somemore wan?’ Moments like these, I think I might as well forget about blogging and just focus on making my blog into a used car park. If you do not know what it is, then, you obviously have not followed my Make$Money$ blog. I get no pressure from doing that because I have no one to face up to. I have no disappointments. I don’t have to feel slighted. I don’t get annoyed. I don’t get disturbed out of my nap with sms like ‘Your site still down ah?’

Therefore, if anyone wants to berterus-terang, for goodness sake, find a better time lah. I got feelings wan, you know.

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