5xmom, no more

I don’t know how to break this to you guys. It is almost embarrassing to say the least. A few buddies closed me had been ignored by me. I got over sensitive with things. Ignorant readers got flamed over nothing. Long time readers get it too. I can blame it on PMS. I can blame it on menopause (which blardy hell I am wayyyy not qualified yet, ok?) I have terrible mood swings.

But recently, I had been getting nauseous, giddy and all those shitty feelings. I don’t mean to ignore some of you on MSN. I don’t mean to show my temper. I shouldn’t act like a blog diva and tell you guys, “Like I care I have one less reader.”

I am really sorry and hope you can all understand my feelings. It is not easy for me. I am 43 years old. By the time my child is 10 years old, I will be 53. By the time he is old enough to marry at 30 years, I will be long dead and can’t see my grandkids.

My last pregnancy with Matthew was terribly hard. How am I going to cope with this new one?

Please don’t congratulate me yet. I am awfully afraid that I may not end up with what I should. As you know pregnancy for a woman my age is awfully dangerous. But what to do….

Earl-ku and SK asked if I want a girl this time? Yes, why not? I love pink so much…


If you are my long time, understanding buddies, please stand-by me. Don’t laugh. If you are seriously touched with my news, maybe you can say something nice without giving me pressures? I hope the pregnancy will be smooth sailing……

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  1. Oooo… 6Xmom,
    i remember many years ago my 18 yr old friend embarassingly announced that his 50 yr old mother is pregnant and he is going to have a baby brother 18yrs younger than him. he keep on saying how shy and shameful it is to face his friend. none of us friends jokes about it. is God’s will to add another member to his family.
    anyway Lilian, do be extra careful. you are little too old to be a preggo. i am sure you know very well how to handle.
    God bless

  2. huang huang huang… you will be fine ler e-kaima .. u will be fine.. no anxiety no second doubts ok.. 😀

    must be a girl this time!! may god be with you always.

  3. Congrats Aunt Lilian!! I guess this runs in the family (genetic). My mom gave birth to Desmond at the age of 43 too!!

  4. *SQUEALS!!!*

    CONGRATS Lilian!!! What a blessing!! *SQUEALS AGAIN*

    (psst…but i thot u ikat oredi? how come still can pregnant one?)

  5. it is indeed a joyous news! i wish u well & pray for smooth sailing..this is exciting indeed, like i’m pregnant lidat!

  6. wooooahhhhh Woooaaaahhhh WoaaaaaaHHH WOOOOAAAAHHHHHHH…..

    first question in my mind…. 43 and still hot at it eh? 😛 😛 :P….

    jokes aside… congrats… and may God grant you a safe and smooth pregnancy, sincerely (not a sarcastic comment).

  7. 5xmom,

    Grats on the GOOD news. You shouldn’t worry so, all of us are rooting for you and we know you can get through this…eeeps!! I’m sooooooo excited for you o_o” don’t worry k!! My grandma had like…-counts- 12 kids with 2 who went in between 12 of them. My youngest uncle is 10 years older than me leh 😛 she’s 79 liao means hah she got him when she was 49!

    >_> actually she had 3 kids after 40, so you see ah, it’s normal ^^ so yea, grats!!

  8. everything happens for a reason.God must have his reasons.Just take it as it is.A child is a gift. No one will laugh.Is really a good news that another life is to the world soon coming soon.:)..

  9. Congrates! At first I thought that this post is an April Fool prank.. however the more I read, the more I do believe that this 5x mom is wu ngia tiok lottery ! wa.. hua he hua he! Kiong he Kiong He! Chiang! Chiang !Chiang!Time to celebrate a new life!

    P/S: Auntie Lilian… there are medical reports on women who gave brith at their sixties.. no worries.. YOU STILL YOUNG la~ kekeke.. Nvy u and ur ATM , so ” en ai”..

  10. congratulation!!
    it’s a god gift to you.
    and hopefully its a girl since u mentioned it.

    But sometimes, my friends always pull the gun out.

  11. First of all, i’m here to congratulate Aunty for the gift of GOD but but i hope you will not burst the news 2mrow that you’ve “got” us all……coz it’s an April Fool !!!
    Sad or happy, you still live so why not choose to face it with cheers & pleasures instead. Do take good care!

  12. OOOOOHHHH, huge news.

    I was thinking “is she having another baby…?” when I saw the title and woohoo, I got it right!

    Congratulations 😀

  13. WUAH….I tell you guys lah, I whole day went out to Queensbay mall and Gurney Plaza. I thot by 3rd or 4th comments, sure got ppl say, chey….bluff wan. Manatau, skali come back see so many comments. And even my own sister also got pranked. Soli hor, I wanted to reveal tomorrow on April Fools but I damn guilty for lying so I posted the next post.

    Anyway, thanks to every single one of you. I am so, so touched with these kind thoughts. I learnt a lesson – That I shall treasure of all you guys even more for the friendships, concerns and kindness. *makes mental to make my blog even more entertaining*

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  15. Wow! Hi Lilian! Just wanna wish you congratulations and I’m happy for you. My mom had me when she was 41 and I was fine. Take good care of yourself and pray to God for your health and the baby’s. =D

  16. wahahaha… i was about to leave a comment to congrats you and ask you to take care … manatau !! It’s an April Fool’s Joke !! wahahaha…

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