5xmom, no more

I don’t know how to break this to you guys. It is almost embarrassing to say the least. A few buddies closed me had been ignored by me. I got over sensitive with things. Ignorant readers got flamed over nothing. Long time readers get it too. I can blame it on PMS. I can blame it on menopause (which blardy hell I am wayyyy not qualified yet, ok?) I have terrible mood swings.

But recently, I had been getting nauseous, giddy and all those shitty feelings. I don’t mean to ignore some of you on MSN. I don’t mean to show my temper. I shouldn’t act like a blog diva and tell you guys, “Like I care I have one less reader.”

I am really sorry and hope you can all understand my feelings. It is not easy for me. I am 43 years old. By the time my child is 10 years old, I will be 53. By the time he is old enough to marry at 30 years, I will be long dead and can’t see my grandkids.

My last pregnancy with Matthew was terribly hard. How am I going to cope with this new one?

Please don’t congratulate me yet. I am awfully afraid that I may not end up with what I should. As you know pregnancy for a woman my age is awfully dangerous. But what to do….

Earl-ku and SK asked if I want a girl this time? Yes, why not? I love pink so much…


If you are my long time, understanding buddies, please stand-by me. Don’t laugh. If you are seriously touched with my news, maybe you can say something nice without giving me pressures? I hope the pregnancy will be smooth sailing……

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    New baby on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WHAT ABOUT YOUR K-KIA?! YOU IGNORE ME BECAUSE OF THIS ISSUE TOO KA?! WAHLAO… congrats lar… K-mak, I really doubt if you will switch attention and no longer cares about me ler… Dunno should happy or sad… but anyway congrats lar!

  2. So, all the symptoms u’ve been telling me right on the dot lohhhh. Okay lah, i’ll be sending you all the nutritional requirements for preggies as per your request asap, k. HUGZZZZ!!!!

  3. Don’t worry, it’s NOT embarassing and thanks for sharing the news. We can relate to the mood swings šŸ˜‰ Take care and pretty in pink would be a great experience šŸ™‚

  4. hi lilian,
    congratulation! dun worry so much about age problem! My mum gave birth to my little brother at 40 and my little brother is 12 yrs younger than me ^^. Jia you! Children are gifts from above.

  5. Hi Lilian, I mayb too young to understand but still, cheer up! I’m sure this pregnancy will b a smooth sailing one šŸ˜‰ Don’t worry aight!

  6. Hey Lilian, cheer up šŸ™‚ Best thing is now you might have a girl to pink with you *grins* Take care ya…

  7. Hi Lilian, We (me and all my family) are behind you all the way! Take care of yourself and if there’s anything we can do to help . .. just shout!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! That is very good new. I pray that everything will turn out well for you and this time it will be a beautiful baby girl šŸ˜‰


  9. OH this is not embarassing but GOOD news wat! Oh may God bless you with a beautiful and healthy baby, better if it’s a GIRL!!! OH so happy for you! Pls take care & rest well, my cousin had her first after 40..she made it! I’m sure you will!

  10. Oh I’m so happy for you. You know wut? Your mood swings has set in adi.You even sound different, apologising and all. Hahaha. And no, 43 is not late. You just have to take care of yourself. I’m 41 and still hoping for my third but no such luck yet. Take care woman.

  11. Congratulations Lilian.. wah now whatever you want ATM has to give LOL even mee rebus at 3 a.m. LOL
    No worries lah , many of my friends have kids late some even at 51. Her daughter and the granddaughter same age šŸ™‚

  12. Congratulations Lilian. May you be blessed with a smooth uneventful pregnancy, and also blessed with a healthy child, girl or boy.
    Again, congratulations to you and husband, and to all your sons as well.
    *thinks* Lilian is seeing pink…vaio led the way, cute pink cheeks on the way, pretty pink bodysuits and dresses to follow.
    Enjoy and have fun Lilian. Take extra special care of both you and baby.

  13. Dont know much about pregnancy but I will be your clown when u need to laff, your punching bag when u need to release tension and I am all ears when you need to talk.

    *In case others (some woman) speculate about our friendship, we are just good online friends. I am in Melaka and she is in Penang. The ironic thing is we never get to meet before ( but then again, like we care what they think lah hor)*

    Ah Lian, take good care of yourself. Laff at my Ron somemore, sendiri kena. Bwahahahaha!

  14. Could it be your pink fetish was a sign of this to come šŸ™‚ May God bless you and your family in abundance, Lilian, and see you through in every way!

  15. I’m so so so happy for you till i have tears in my eyes, i’m in my first pregnancy and i read your ‘mymomsbest’ forum. I dunno why, i just feel so excited over this! You must take very good care. 6xmom.

  16. Lilian, I am so happy for you… Really… I am sure a lot of people will support you dear.. Cause I know I am… Congratulations to you… and your hubby.. šŸ™‚

  17. Congrats…. give birth at this age ain’t dangerous, as you’ve records of 5x already. During this period, you ought to be happy, cheerful, joyful so that your child is a happy baby when born.
    You shld be happy and grateful for what you’ve have, as some people are praying to have one unfortunately God is not answering her prayer… Probably he over heard or he’s too busy to attend her prayer.

    So, all of us, everyone in this cyberworld are happy for you and truely understand your ‘mood swings’….

    I guess, we’ll be expecting less write ups from you when your tummy is growing bigger… šŸ™

  18. wow !! congratulations !!!

    if you are craving for kaya , or cakes hor ..then just sms me huh ? even durian also can but only the paste. my second one cheah pok pok is damn cheeky and pat por / talkative one. But really fun to have a little doll at home for you to design hair style for them.

    By the way , your kopi Pak Ali powder still left anymore at home ? Malaysia Boleh !! Yahoo !!

  19. FINALLY there’s a logical explanation to how things have been lately, I was beginning to be a little bit afraid of/for you for awhile there.

    Anyho, this is great news. Maybe all those pink fetish is a coming sign of the great leader who’s going to rule over the house of Loh šŸ™‚

    Hope this is contagious, maybe it will rub on me.

  20. Kong Hei Kong Hei!!! I am so happy to hear that when Lawrence first told me about it. If get a girl, sure become diamond in the family liau. Crave for asam???? Let me know

  21. Oh my God! Congrats Lilian ! Make sure u sleep well and take care of your health,don’t stay too late at nite hor ! I’ll keep you in my prayer!

  22. Congrats!! So happy for you. Been a silent reader for a while now. Don’t worry about ppl laughing at you. Why would they? My youngest bro is 10 yrs old this year making me 13 years his senior. Its gonna be fine. Think about the happiness this small lil bub will bring to u & ur family! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  23. Congrats Lilian!

    WOW!! Looks like we gonna have another hot blogger in future!
    Our family and I wishes you all the best as we are sure that at 43…no problemo! Your ATM must be very proud!!

    Cheers and Regards,

  24. I know you don’t want to be congratulated but I’m still gonna congratulate you! =) Hope everything goes smoothly. My mother was pregnant at that age too. twice! But.. it was a very terrible time for us. Just look after yourself okay? Be careful. Don’t carry heavy stuff and all. Good luck and take care!

  25. Hi Mom,
    dont worry la,with gods grce,mercy and guidance you will be fine,you are held in his hands and he will see you thru this pregnancy!!
    My sister is 11 years younger then me and mum got pregnant around your age as well and she pulled thru am sure you are able toas well!!
    Take Care and God Bless!!

  26. Hi, Lilian. Congrat!! Don’t worry too much! Just take more rest and eat well. Even Lin Qing Xia gave her 2nd birth at 46 yrs old! Why worry?

    Btw, my name is called Lee Lian too! Take care ya…

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