Strangles self

They have….




Super crunchy butter prawns


Some live garoupa


Damn fragrant fresh fa-hai (flower crabs) caught fresh from the sea.

And I eat…


brocolli wor….. which my son said looks like my hair style. KNN, lu ciakap manyak hor?


and these leftovers mushroom and young corn.


So, this place knows I need this noose. See? So considerate of them, rite? Know I need to ……


I have to blur out a bit or else some sei pat phor later say I encourage suicide pulak.

But lucky the sister-in-law brought a long a bottle of wine…


Which no ones I mah hampalang finish the whole bottle lor….


Blur and small size or else some sei pat phor says I encourage drinking pulak, niamah


Again, make small-small or else sei phat phor says my butt big. So, after kena almost one bottle of wine, dunwan to strangle self. Go play swing. But now, anak says…..Mom, careful, the tree later break and tttiiiimmmbbbberrrrrrr.


Eh, in case sei phat phor thinks my son oso drunk, it is not hor. He memang high on adrenalin wan. Hope he becomes a stand-up comic one day.


And that makes the end of my rants. Plus my vegetarian fasting is ending soon. This Sunday is Palm Sunday when Jesus arrived in (eh where ah? Jerusalem?) on a donkey and people waves palms to welcome Him. Next Thursday is Maundy Thursday where Jesus washed the feets of his disciples. On Friday, they cruficied Him. See? How fickle we humans are? Sunday welcome, Friday skali ‘hai’ (cause) Him to die. And next Sunday is Easter Sunday when Jesus arise from the dead and resurrected as the Holy Spirit which makes the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And I tell you, I am going to whack kau the crabs, prawns and fish again. Have a nice weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Strangles self

  1. lilian, you k-kia sudah naik angin.. or issit dia ambil peluang untuk lepas geram to control his tongue šŸ™‚
    Cedric jangan marah okay…
    Btw, Lilian, I think that woman is inspired to be like you, tapi kesian, tak ada orang laya ler…

  2. Athene – Yeah, he is losing that chubby face now. *sigh* Time for another one! Hahaha.

    sasha – Chey, u not suppose to say KNN wor. Bad, you bad! *nay, previous post got moral police*

  3. Cannot scold people lar, otherwise those sei-fei-chai-yan-jar politikus say blogger “sow seed on hatreds”.
    Bon appetite šŸ™‚

  4. T_T now is 1.12am… feel hungry before i read this post. And now i’m drooling liau T_T
    Oh! … Matthew looks entau… really… so cute !!!

  5. New band?? Brocolli M??? Better that Boney M ar? *LOL* Wondering how Ah Lian can hang herself, branch also break lor. *Cabut*

    Cedric: Let it go. Enough liao. This one is a happy blog. We together gather go flame her site instead. Wei, u want red paint ar? I have excess. *LOL*

  6. I love the foods.. hmm look delicious especially the super crunchy butter prawn. Fasting almost over. Papa ate fish pulak last nite. but most of all, i love the 2nd last shot. I love pictures with children around. You one damn lucky mom. Your sons look so cool in their own way. and please don’t strangle yourself. Papa need mom around to cheer us all. šŸ™‚

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