Nah, take some flowers and eat some kuehs lah, can?

Many years ago, I learnt through one April’s Fool prank. Never trust anything, anyone on the net.


Cos all bloggers canon-kuat, i.e. make big noise only. And none of us should believe a thing we blogged. However, last night, I also learnt something else or rather being reminded of something I already knew. In real life, it is also the same. Someone was mighty angry that his friend, whom he thought is a good friend, farked him anon. and he found out the real identity. I told him, forget it…life is like that.


Then, this morning, I got an annoying comment. At first, I wanted to tembak already. But I do a double-check and realised it is from someone I know in church. So, I also will do what I advised last night. Drop it.

You may be a young Christian and you may not be aware but as a CHRISTIAN, you should not be playing “the April Fool’s joke”. With the joke, you are indirectly calling Jesus Christ who died for us on the Cross a FOOL! He is no fool, He is the Saviour, the Son of God. With the death of Christ, there started the April Fool’s joke. God Bless!

(comment 44 from this post)


So, care what lah. I go take pickchures with my new camera and enjoi better.


Some rejected goods/kuehs that my neighbour gave my housekeeper. These are local cakes, taste like heaven.


Photog sifu…..*teh mode*…I cannot get crispy clear pics with my macro mode on my lens. I cannot afford a RM4-6K lens. So how wor?


And in case you peeps are not aware, nuffnang ads have earned me money in the first week. From my estimation, I can earn four figure RM from this blog alone. See my Make Money blog for updates.

So, there, topics so varied…until no ones know what or where I am getting at.

24 thoughts on “Nah, take some flowers and eat some kuehs lah, can?

  1. huah… no 6x mom meh.. yewww… kena kuan…

    wtf the church mia member anney kuan …. mai chap ee la.. stupid fler… so sensitive geh..

  2. You played the prank and that person is linking you to a sin which he/she believes in.

    Commenter #44: You need help! Got take medicine today ah? Do something useful with your life. Don’t go around finding fault. take the 1st step, start with your ownself 1st. I guess your BOSS would also agree with me.

    NEVER ever comment or criticise like you represent a religion. You are not even close. What makes you better than the person next to you. Anyway, may the Great Divine have mercy on you. I forgive u too, so does Ah Lian.

  3. pelf – The flower is so adorable hor?

    terence – Kena confiscated by pos laju. LOL, haram, cannot pos laju. I mail you a photo lah, can?

    photog mia sifu – Apalah, what kind of advice is this? Lend me some D2 camera lens lah. See it is because I memang lousy or my equipment not good enuff.

    ahbeng – sshh….enuff liao

    clement – Aiyor…i shop lah

  4. Hi Lillian,

    To support my ealier comment, pls do click on the below URL when you have some time in your hands.

    The earlier comment was not meant to be “annoying” & my apologies to you if it felt that way & for cozing such an up roar. Also, Ah Beng. Thanks for your concern, but I DO NOT need any medication; I am in perfect health (physically & mentally) reports to & for my boss. You want to see?

    But then again, as you have said; Don’t belive everything you read on the internet.

    Happy reading!

  5. Jeffrey lu sound macam a priest lar… shaddap can? if ppl like to joke let them joke lah why u wan 2 show dat u are one class above people? Talk oso like ppl will obey u liddat… shut up lah!

  6. I want kopi-o, summore I want what hah? Hah! I want my fav. blogger to leave 1st comment on my blog, for good luck mah… 🙂

  7. Jeffrey: Just dont bring religion into your comments lah. If you like the post, leave a nice comment. If you hate the post, let out your anger. But PLEASE never associate religion into your comments.

    Its just that simple. Life’s simple too, dont make it difficult for yourself and others. Thank you.

  8. yes AhBeng come let lauyee kiss kiss… so correct. That fucktart talk cock geng oni… dunno really got so moly holy or not… uek… vomit vomit

  9. alah! so serious wan. joke only ma. nevermind jek lilian…..dun joke on april fool then joke everyday la….hahahah

  10. sasha – one year got only one time jek

    LauZhek and LauYee – Tenkiu hor.

    athene – I visited twice already. Hehehe. cos first time i see u testing so I duduk diam-diam sked u pressure, rumah belum siap, visitors dah sampai.

    AhBeng – That’s my point too.

    Jeff – I had checked out the site. Tks for the links but I personally find it freakish ‘cos it confused me more than elightened me. To me, Christ is a someone personal and when things are dissected like what is done on the site, it takes away the meaning of faith. Faith is something we experience with Christ as our personal Saviour. And what I had done so far is a spread of goodwill, laughter and sharing, which I am sure Christ approves more than disapprove. Not everyone is a believer and that’s the fact and if I can bridge the gap of goodwill, I know I had done my Father’s Will.

  11. Aunty Lilian.. a nice prank! Hee.. I was so happy when u said u are pregnant. I somemore hope to see a girl coming out from ur tummy. Anyway, Happy april fool!

  12. lilian, tq… am done testing now I guess, tapi byk lagi kena nak belajar… this might sound so stupid, I still don’t know how to add tags and other things to make it a blog yang ada ‘kelas’. For now I have to satisfied with the basic template 🙂

    Btw, talking about the april-fool thingie, I didn’t know that some christians have problem with it. For the past few years, there’s been emails circulating the net around valentines & aprilfools – all claiming that muslim shouldn’t celebrate/practice this two because it has ancient history celebrating the downfall of islam dating back to the crusades. Kalau dulu I would give it the benefit of the doubt, sekarang ni i’d just brush it off as over-zealous-religious-fanatic-who-cannot-stand-people-having-some-fun-that-they-have-to-mix-history-and-fiction-to-justify-their-point.

    Hope this does not offend both christian and muslim alike.

  13. Aiyoyo why you people so like that this Lilian is a smart ass and has the most fantastic blog in the whole bloody world why I say she is smart is not only she write the best weird pieces but her site is wholesome family site and entertaining.

    She speak in common languages we commoner understand and we love you Lilian. My family, our crews all love you

    What is the matter with these people especially this J guy.

    J why don’t abandon your family and go preach to the world but leave this wonderful along.

    Kaninasai as if Lilian going to corrupt us all with her jokes

  14. Too bad April fool drop on Sunday, miss the fun.

    Nothing beat the April fool’s quote

    “April 1. This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four. ~Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson, 1894”

    And this one
    It is the ability to take a joke, not make one, that proves you have a sense of humor. ~Max Eastman

    Even the gods love jokes. ~Plato

  15. nyiak nyiak nyiak..

    i so crever..luckily i was in png….so i cudn’t access…

    hahahahahah..good april fools!!!!!!

  16. Aiya, i also missed the april fool’s thingy. I read this one first.
    Hehe…very beladi good lah lilian. Pink pink wishes some more from a lot of readers. It was fun!

  17. i would be careful with the article jeff posted. If what the site wrote can be accepted as the “truth”, then we can’t even go celebrate CNY and visit frenz during Hari Raya and Depavali, worst – no more Christmas!

    since many do know that Christmas is never the real time nor period of time when Jesus was born… 🙂

    God gave us wisdom and humour too… so as long as we don’t cross the limit, i view it as still acceptable.

    5xmom: you too much! i almost plan to fly back to take your new baby as my k-kia already! (ok ok, 1st April over liao… cannot joke anymore) 😛

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