Local advertisers war going on!

One is my heng-tai or good brother. His name is Rojakz and he has thousands and thousands of visitors to his blog everyday. So, he started his own ads campaign.

(OI, open eyes big-big and read the below ads, wokay, don’t get ads blind. This wan different one. You click or no click I also won’t die wan.)

The charges is likedis:

Sweet, young things bloggers : Free. Just let Rojakz fondle.

Hot, young hunk bloggers : Also free. Just let Rojakz Brokeback Mountain

Old aunties : I applied but got the reply : Sorry, we have no ads space at the moment.

Old uncles……. : He is out to oust them.

This one from the doctor.


You see, the other fella is my lover. He is from Port Dickson and specialise in screws (eh, hardware shop screws lah oi) He is giving free links for nothing in return. But Rojakz wanna kill the competition from Ahpek. Rojakz ads is more kerng because he learnt it from sifu Dr. Liew.

But since I am queen of bluff people and making money, I tell you lah…Which ad is the best :


(Niagong, Terence told me ahpek looks like Magnum PI, Wingz told me AhPek looks like Tom Selleck. Manatau, skali I google, they are the same person. Cipet lu sumua. Early-early tell me lah, Tom Selleck is the actor playing Magnum PI.)

Anyway, don’t advertise with AhPek or Rojakz. Go for nuffnang. Nuffnang pays. Here is proof. I have to pixelate some info because they are not supposed to be shown because my traffic on some blog was too lame so paiseh.


RM303 for ONE WEEK, i.e. equivalent to RM1,200 per month. You tell me lah, you can get as much from Dooogle or Google or not? (app. USD350 at 3.4%)

This is yet another brotherhood/sisterhood of blogging brought to you by 5xmom, inspired by Dr. Liew and encouraged by AhPek and Wingz. Together we are out to make Malaysian Blogsphere more fun. And eheh, richer too (courtesy of nuffnang – Asia first blog advertising community.).

13 thoughts on “Local advertisers war going on!

  1. Lilian,

    You are hilarious lah!

    Thanks for your staunch support. Without it, we couldn’t have gotten to where we are now.

    It is just the start! Look out for many more campaigns (fingers crossed with negotiations), with great brands, and also more importantly, great paybacks!

    We won’t let you down. And if we do, you can come down to Singapore and get Magnum PI to kick my butt.

    Hehe. And wuching, as long as you’ve got a minumum of 20 unique visitors, you’re eligible to join! Hopefully in the long run, if possible, we can even lower that number. If not, just join, and we’ll be rolling out some new initiatives for our community’s members. Everybody has a part to play, small or big.

  2. i think no one wants to advertise at my site.. perhaps too technical liao my site 😛 hahahah

    i better ask Rojakz for adverts now, perhaps…

  3. Woi! I where got say??? Niapoh!

    I said Magnum PI/Tom Selleck looks like Ah Pek lah, not the other way round.

    *Ah Pek, got free screws ah????*

  4. Better censor the RM and change it to something else. Otherwise parliahment will pass a law to tax the cyberworld.

  5. moo_t – This is subjective still lah, hor?

    huei – The amount goes with the number of numbers backside kena grilled. LOL

    terence – Niagong, you confused me. AhPek looks like Tom or Tom looks like AhPek, oso same wan what?

    Ahpek – You no thank me for putting such a nice, handsome face for you. Not like you, make me so fat, make me pregnant….Ish, dunwan fren you already lah.

    william – Never, come by and comment here more often. My blog got dofollow plugin, whoever comment sure get higher ranking and higher traffic.

    wahlau – Slowly lah.

    wingz – cipet, you agree with the rates?

    antrhaxxx – Must improve SEO skills baru can attract traffic.

    jamie – It will get better with higher traffic wor. So go work on it lor.

    Ming – The idea just popped into my head.

    wuching – Wuah…you in OZ, sure got even kerng ads lah. You got submit ah?

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