Looking for baby toys and furnitures?

Too bad that it was just an April’s Fool prank and I am not really pregnant. I do wish I am because it is certainly nice to be shopping for baby toys and furnitures. How nice if I can start to decorate the nursery again and getting all the little booties and rattlers for the new one.

Nevertheless, I am sure other mommy and daddy out there will love to hear about Oompa Baby Toys. They have such fabulous toys, all imported from Europe and hence, not found in stores anywhere. Would you love to pamper you little ones with these fun and creative toys? For example I like the games for older children call Haba Dancing Eggs.

I am very sure my four years old will be thrilled to pieces balancing these colourful rubber eggs on his body. This will be an ideal family game, isn’t it? As for me, I wish I have a daughter to play with the Kitchen & Store Play. The tiny food times are so adorable and I bet I can spent hours playing imaginary house. On second thought, who says sons cannot play kitchen and tea time, right?

The nice thing about the site is their easy navigation. You can select the age of the child and they provide a list of recommended toys and furniture suitable for that age group. This will make all the uncles and aunties happy because it makes their gifts shopping much easier.

So, moms and dads, hop over to Oompa Baby Toys and feast your eyes on the unique baby toys and furnitures.