Meme – “Why I marry my husband” (ewwss)

Actually, I wanted to ‘keh-si-keh-si buat dunno’ about this meme from one of my breastfeeding forum member. But hor….no good also lah ‘cos I enjoyed reading their memes why they married their husbands. So, after I had peeked at theirs, if I don’t take the tag, it seems like I am very lansi-lanyong. (proud) My K-Kia already told me I memang lansi at first impression. Ish!

So, first of all, get your buckets and barf bags out, ok?

Why I marry my atm….10 reasons, not arrange according to any particular order…..

1) Because I am tired of dating. It is damn mah huan to keep getting ready for first dates, wokay? You gotta wash behind your ears lah, you gotta wear pretty underwears lah, you gotta make sure no spinach stucked to your teeth lah, you gotta make sure you have no boogers stucked to your nose lah. You know…when you breath, the thing sort of fly in and out of your nose? So, after all the chores of going out with guys, I decided, aiyah, suak-suak khi, all men are the same one. One too many first dates, first holding hands, first kiss all seemed to roll into one big boring ritual.

2) Because he is more gentleman than other guys I met. He never allowed me to queue up for cinema tickets like all the rest of the Chao Ah Bengs I know. You see, last time, cinema tickets line got females and males line. Females line were always shorter. So, the rest of the Chao Ah Bengs normally dropped me by the cinema (oh yeah, last time no CineLeisure, CinePlex, only Odeon, Rex, Capitol) and asked me to go buy tickets. But my atm did what. He leave his car by the roadside and ran to charm some old aunties nearest to the counter and buy the tickets. While I sit in the car, all pretty and aircond-ed.

3) Because he got drive. Eh, not sex drive lah. That kind of thing I don’t reveal wan lah. I mean drive to study, pass exams, get better job and buy bigger house, give better things to me and the kids etc etc. So, yeah, he was jobless and full time studying then and was penniless. But I got faith and I got ‘ngan-kwong’ (vision) that this is not someone who dreams of making it big but never know how to go about it. Also not the kind who worked too hard to get lots of money and spend it all.

4) Because he got guts. Eh, tell me how many men date women taller than them? I tell you lah, if men dun have guts, their balls will shrink if they have to stand next to taller women. But eheh, my atm doesn’t care about that. So, yeah, he got balls and guts. Yay!

5) Because he is organised. By the first date, he already fetch me to and fro from work. Then, found me a better room to rent (just one floor up from his, eheh) and the rest is history.

6) Because, because…..aiyorr….*cracks head, what else ah?* yayayaya, he didn’t care I got boyfriend of four years and just potong trick and claimed his prize. *grins*

7) Eh, the tag says why I marry, meaning I must write the courting part, right? So, why some bloggers say good husband lah, good father lah….Wrong, right? Ok, ok, he is a Loh. (blek)

8) Because he blends in my family perfectly and my mom adored him as the future-son-in-law. Any man your mom approves is at least 80% husband material already.

9) Because he is damn kiut and handsome.

10) Because he makes me laugh all the time or make me wanna pinch him sometimes.

*bring the bucket and let’s have group puke*

And yeah, next time please don’t give me meme like this when it is not Valentine’s Day nor wedding anniversary. Geli, wei.

14 thoughts on “Meme – “Why I marry my husband” (ewwss)

  1. I am usually a silent ready who doesn’t post comments, but your post got me smiling and doing all those ‘awwwww’ non-stop! Your atm reminds me so much of my bf. Does that mean he and I will live happily like you? Let’s hope!

    Keep it up, Lilian…I think you’re a very brave woman. I cried when I read your postings on Vincent, both from The Star and through your blogs.

    Your blog rocks lar..!! ‘Kah yau!’

  2. terence loh – I know you will say that.

    Nicole – It’s my pleasure.

    Lil Ms. Pinky – Tenkiu. Wah…you go way back hor?

  3. geli ke?

    funny, i was under the impression that you enjoyed writing this post… hmm…

    admit it, lilian, you’re a closet romantic! hahahaha…

  4. ok… vomit…..

    but seriously, yr marriage is an envy to lotsa women out there…

  5. Yeah Lilian….I go wayyyyy back…that time I don’t think you’ve got a blog yet, but correct me if I’m wrong! But wei, I think The Star featured an article about you and and Vincent, and boohoo I cried lor…

  6. Awwwww…that’s so sweet! But I agree with u on no.2…any guys/bfs who take advantage on me in that kinda situation will sure gonna expect a bye bye…heheheh!!!

  7. Where else can you find a blog that makes you cry controllably, smile like a nut in front of the monitor, laugh like mad loner??? This time reminds me of love again…. so sweet 😉

  8. Lilian, I think the 10 reasons not enough leh! Hahaha… like the way you say your atm is ‘kiut’!
    During the time when my hubby was courting me, he was also a poor and penniless student but I think I also have a little vision like you that he can make it before he marry me! bleah~

  9. Walau eh.. yor first date must wear clean underwear one ah? What you do on first date woh? tsk tsk tsk..

    Btw, that Ah Pek did his share or not?

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