Ninku – Your boobs is bigger than my mom!

Niamah….there was this show on Animax. In the middle of the afternoon when most kids came back from school and watching TV. When most parents are clueless.

And there is this show call Ninku. I didn’t give much attention to it but was within hearing distance. The little boy is really small (12 years old), with a tongue protruding. Fugly. And the conversation was innocent enough between a woman and the little boy.

Something about him missing his mom. And then, it shows this woman dipping in a huge tank. She invited the little boy to join her. So, the naked boy jumped in.

And blardy hell…..

“Ooooh…are you touching me?” Woman asked.

“Your boobs is bigger than my mom.” Little boy replied.

Woman giggled.

MCB, what kind of show is this ah? And yet, there are clueless individuals who said that Anime helps teenagers to cope better with life. (read Sunday Star letter to the Editor) Cope what lah? The shows are all about committing suicide or sending people to hell or god in ragged clothing, animals that died and become angels and stuffs like that. Pure fantasies. Good to watch but definitely not for any kid below 15 years old. Definitely not unless their parents are as sharp tongue as the 5xmom. “Change the channel now or I am going to lock up the channel forever.”

Ningkupok – means what ah?

18 thoughts on “Ninku – Your boobs is bigger than my mom!

  1. “Definitely not unless their parents are as sharp tongue as the 5xmom.”

    Hahaahaaaa… my dear sister… laughed until tear come out ah…

  2. i believe 5xmom. got one anime show this sifu go steal bra n panty and sniff em. wat kinda show is tis!

  3. Hahahaha, another cultural shocks from animax. It is ridiculous that animax will help children “cope better with life”. People say that must have some permanent brain damage, and the editor that publish is not bright either. It is the parent, environment,teacher that shape the future of the children.

  4. animax should be rated PG18 or paling kurang PG15! The worse part is those idiot thinks all japanese cartoon are the same, so they either ban all, or screen all! They are alway stressing on ‘nilai2 murni’, what ‘nilai’ do we – children & adult alike get from this stuffs on animax?

    Don’t even get me started on our rating system! What a big joke!

  5. there a lot of good anime that u watch…
    the lineup for the anime for animax is weak…
    Though , there some good anime like honey & clover season 1 and season 2..
    It is about the college student which struggles in their life , decision on their career, love and etc. It is realistic and make me cry, touching…
    for funny comedy , watch school rumble…
    It is not all the anime have some sort hamsup things…
    There a lot of bunch anime that really really touching, have nice plot… Please don’t make general statement that anime is not good…

  6. True…. also watch on astro aruna (indon channel) drama on teenage life -high school somehow how rated 18- children act for adults to watch.. very perv wan… got kissy kissy also… waah not bad for indon..

  7. Oops show is called Akibat Banyak Gaul (ABG).. name of story also very provoking wan..

  8. Hmmm,wait till you see Ayashi No Ceres or Ranma. Scared the hell out of you. Name call anime nia but it’s actually hentai in disguise. Bluek!

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