Sayang suami

Maybe I am from the old skool. But I think it is reasonably smart that we at least try to cook a decent meal at home for some parts of the week. It doesn’t have to be everyday but maybe a few times a week?

Even when I was working full time, whether single, pregnant, with new baby or with older children, I do try to squeeze in some home cooked meals. Of course, there were phases when we need to cater foods but it was merely a few months here and there.


I had been reading some of the mummy blogs and I notice they do that too. So, I can safely says that getting a meal for the two of us (i.e. if they don’t have children yet) or for the three of us or in my case, the six of us do have a lot of good vibes for the home.

You think lah…the men or the wife (if the men can cook) has toiled in the office, earning a living, travelling home, traffic jams and etc….after a long hard day, it is nice to just be at home, eating than squatting at the nasi campur stall. Well, it does not have to be a daily affair but at least once or twice a week.


So, sayang suami means I do cook a few times a week. Like the above pasta with smoked salmon and huge prawns for the hubby. Of course, on other days, I just need to ‘teh’ a bit and we will be eating out.


Actually, I just want to say that by Saturday, I get to take revenge and ravage the prawns. Meantime, I had to eat the above pasta. Only cottage cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and snow peas. And getting tempted by atm with – You cannot eat the prawns, how about the prawn heads? See the roe? Wuah so solid. Prawn heads not counted as prawn lah. Sure you don’t want? Slurrrrpppp…..

So, how many lucky husbands or wives get to return home to home-cooked meals?

20 thoughts on “Sayang suami

  1. lilian, i baru wanted to post about what happened last night. i gotto work late and hub went and pick my son up. Once reached home, my hubby asked me to go and take care of my son while he cook dinner for us. And he managed to cook vege and teriyaki chicken. I wanna cry thinking about that..cos i’m the wife and i’m not doing any “wifey” thing at home. Hmmmmm so sad..

  2. ok ok..yan!!!!

    few more days to go..good friday is around the corner!!!

    i tell you….u’ve done REALLY well so far!!!!!!

  3. mott – Yalor, so excited about it ending too. LOL.

    wuching – Yahor, you never cook some romantic dinner for a while liao leh. Whatever happened to the fresh cut bouquet of flowers from the garden, home cooked dinner and dinner for two? Faster go do lah.

    sasha – Wei, u lucky woman. You better payback in bed, I hope? LOL.

  4. hey , your hubby hor..i can sense really sayang u lar….i m so happy for you…it’s really heart warming reading u write about him…

  5. I’m guilty as charged, we have home cooked meal, not by me, but by MIL. She owns the kitchen. I was having problem looking for pots and pans sometimes when I’m in there, she keeps everything in the kitchen and store at spots she knows alone. One kitchen is really a woman’s territory huh?

  6. I only need to cook for the brat everyday.. coz’ she wouldn’t eat anything else but home cooked food. PB donch like the food i cook.. so he can go take care of himself.

  7. hello……Leng Lui… now..oh..u pregnant again ah… kenot eat prawn leh… very the “Tok” leh… please…

    sabar first… okay..

    always love you,
    rachealliang(a pity loyal fan’s of MMb, but now kena pecat liao,hehehehhe)

  8. Madame, your prawn spegetti looks so dry one? Not enough cum. (We in office virtually calls everything WHITE as cum)

    I love home cooked food, nothing beats the best of mummie’s food. Daddy one also can larh !

    Mum just called me to ask me if I am going back for dinner.

    Love ya mummie.

  9. I agree 100%. You have to cook for your husband & family. If not everyday, atleast once a week. We malay believe in this thing called ‘air tangan’ – the food cooked will absorb all the love one feel for the person he/she cooking for. Children raised on food cooked by their mother tend to be closer to the mother, and kalau grandma yang masak, the child usually closer to her. Tapi ini midwives tales lah, but I don’t see anything wrong in believing in this.

    After all I know for a fact, my man gets grumpy after a few days without my cooking/s*x, kalau lepas makan my cooking, dia bertambah sayang šŸ˜†

  10. Hi Lilian I nearly cry when read ur sayang suami post. I’m a bad wife cos I dunno how to cook and always force my hubby to eat out šŸ™ After reading ur post I tell myself I must learn cooking. Any tips?

  11. (“hands up too”) Even more guilty than Wuching.For the last 7 years anyhow.

    Used to work later than Husb too, and Husb gets hungry by 7 and ate with colleagues and i did the same and we both get home about 9 and kid were living with grandparents. Sad, isnt it? Lucky I work at leisure now and could afford to cook him meals.

  12. After I did home-cook, since aft my baby born, my husband hates eating out, thus I got to cook and cook everyday include Saturday, but Sunday I declare off day..really go cerazy when thing of what to cook..

  13. hhmmm….i try to but sometimes i get to put up my feet and let hubby pamper n spoil me. give n take lor….now with baby on the way, hhmm….have to start organizing our workload lor!

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