Ayam beg! (5xmom is risen again!)


Eheh, so nice to be sipping coffee at all the cakes and coffee joints. No blogs to deal with. No paid posts to fight over. No need to crack head what to write.


But hor….the income is like sudah mati like that lah. Anyway, it is nice to put myself to the test and see if I can survive without my dozen blogs and the $$$ that comes with it. And I passed the test indeed. Bryan’s house did not get red paint. LOL. I never even bother about the downtime. I wait patiently for the moving from one server to another. I cannot complaint oso because my site is three years old, I have over a dozen blogs, the database is farking huge and I asked for splitting of my sites to two different servers.


Moreover, I sudah buka puasa! Yippee! Tomorrow is Good Friday and it will be one more day of fasting. But this evening, I read on my church’s site that I am suppose to end my vegetarian fasting before the evening. ‘Cos this evening is Jesus’s last supper mah. So, I mah supper-ing lor.


Before I hentam the prawns and char koay teow, I got say prayers one. I got thank God I managed 40 days of whining about eating grass.


Before I sumbat the hot black pepper steak, I also got reflect back and give myself a little pat on the back.

So, yeah, nice to be crapping here on my blog again.

(A few old posts related to Good Friday and Easter which I hope some of you will read.

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19 thoughts on “Ayam beg! (5xmom is risen again!)

  1. good la u… can go back to makan meat again. i have to wait till 8 may. but i think it’s good… i remember mom everyday.

    oh, i cooked more stuff yesterday… pics up already!

  2. Rumours has it that all markets in Penang have sold out all their meat produce to a evil laughing woman driving off in a Naza Ria.

    Welcome back! *cabut*

  3. Welcome back. I was almost down with withdrawal syndrome of not reading your blog for that many hours until I dreamt of you. Never met you before but you actually appeared in my dream. Seriously addictive blog.

  4. Hi lil,

    I’m ur big fan too.. Your blog is my coffee of the day.
    Just came back from mass and its so sad 🙁
    Sad as in He went through all the shits for us.
    Anyway, am wishing you and your family a very Blessed Easter and a pleasant weekend ahead.
    HE Rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

  5. Happy Easter! Well done on your vege fast!
    Just a quick question…which char koay teow stall would you rate the best in penang, in your opinion? I trust your taste buds, so if wanna eat, eat the very best!

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