I have several male bloggers whom had earned the title “Hottest Male Bloggers” from Malaysia. While my site was down, I had not been sitting down doing nothing. Actually, I had been around hunting down several male bloogers whom I feel everyone should get to know. Especially the girls. šŸ˜› So, I beg and I plead and I ask…..

First on the list is Daniel Franklin @ Gallivanter of He writes the “The Gallivantings of Daniel Franklin” whose blog I like to peek around because he knows a lot about music. I met Gallivanter at the Together Gather Bloggers Party and wow, he is handsome because he is bald. This guy is fun too and I am sure everyone has seen the video of him singing Negara-ku while high on helium.


2. You write about?

I’m driven by my passion for rhythmic indulgences, spiced up with gallivanting sojourns and personal thoughts that I hope would illuminate the lives of others by uncovering their positivism on life.

3. Still hunting or waiting to be hunted?

To be hunted, chained by love and be emotionally liberated at the same time. šŸ™‚

4. Are you vain? (tell us if you go for facial, have permed and dyed hair etc, i.e. if you care for your looks)

Hmmm, I suppose, got that “metrosexual” thing going on, those monthly visits to the pharmacy is a must. Need to maintain the botakness to do my bit in helping the naturally bald people feel at ease. šŸ˜‰

5. Why type of girls turn you on? (or if you prefer guys, then its cool too)

I am looking for someone who can emotionally emancipate me. Anyone who recognizes frivolity and a little witticism. Enjoys spontaneity, treasures my gestures and gallant enthusiasm. Returns witty remarks that leave ME tongue-tied for once, and can easily switch from talking about the colors of the rainbow to why America voted for Bush. Major turn-ons.

6. What do you see first in member of the opposite sex. (or if you prefer same sex, no problem)

The eyes. The heart-melting smile. And a little bit of meat please. Meat is good. Mmmmm..

7. In 10 years time….you want to be a……(complete the sentence please)

…bald man with red underwear, redefining Superman. šŸ˜› Seriously, would love to be recognized as a gallivanting soul that has put an uplifting smile on mankind.

8. Do you see a future in blogging? Yes/No, explain please.

Yes. As long as there is music to soothe my soul.

9. Name three blogs you read.

I’m fickle. Still hunting for that blog with a potpourri of cognitive contents. Know any?

10. Do you read 5xmom. Yes/No, why?

Yes, on my Google reader. Why? Hmmm, don’t know. Perhaps to see how a practising Catholic live these days? LOL

So, ladies….anyone interested to know Daniel can leave your numbers here. I only charge a small fee of USD50 for his MSN, USD100 for his handphone number and USD300 for date with him.

Now, guess who will be appearing next on the Hottest Male Bloggers? Watch this space as I bring more….. Everyone say Hi to Daniel, please.

20 thoughts on “MALAYSIA HOTTEST MALE BLOGGERS INTERVIEW! #1 – Gallivanter

  1. terence – No tattoo, kenot talk. Blek.

    hongkiat – Really? Wow.

    AhPek – Of cuz lah, you Tom Selleck mah, you bukan Kojak.

  2. moo_t – Sure lah, then, they kenot say all women bloggers are pimps.

    wingz – Tiu

    samm – Shhh…that little black book business dun tell everyone lah. JW Marriot, ok or not? Presidential suite hor?

    clement – Why lah, you kancheong to know? LOL.

    kenny ng – Heh, got hotter one, nayyy…the guitar one?

    cely – Hoi, dun come near my AhPek, wokay. Hahaha.

    Lex – Fuwah….he so popular wan kah?

    Gallivanter – Hey, thanks for the interview. Hahaha, I take 60, you take 40%.

  3. I have to say, Papa going to the Gallivanter becoz of JACQ from caneeliea. I love the music he provides. and 1st was becoz of MU thing. šŸ™‚
    I have no comment on the hot or not but i bet girls digg for him. especially after Lilian promoted so highly. šŸ™‚

  4. Aiseyman…..Daniel, where were u when I was looking for a botak man to date???? Sayang, it’s too late now! šŸ˜›

    Lilian, you crever to find handsome n botak wan hor? I should have contacted u earlier if I know u so terror wan….lol

  5. I think this interview will only backfire, as ladies will only shy away cause they think I’d be spoil with choices. Time for me to consider joining priesthood. šŸ˜›

  6. He’s a very nice guy. Girls, you all can join us for camping in 2 weeks time. Daniel is going. Oh by the way, you all can watch “The Inconvenient Truth” with him too.

    Hated by mistake,
    endroo G

  7. Yeah, I saw him at the Bloggers’ Party though but from far away lor…sigh~! Should have listened to 5xmom to table-hopping lah… *bang head* If only I listened to her…Daniel would be going home with me that night liao….LOL!!!!

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