When men are being ridiculous

While my site was down and I have too much time on hand, I had been pondering long and hard over the ridiculous new ruling set down by the so-called law makers. So, yeah, a few women bloggers have been vocal. Men hate women being vocal. So, all the little guys with small balls, but holding big offices started slamming us women bloggers, calling us liars and unemployed. And now, since they cannot just point fingers at us, they decided to sweep all bloggers. They want us to register ourselves as bloggers. Damn smart, right? But they specified, only local blogs hosted in our country and using dot com dot my. Stewpiggg…..Do these men think it is so easy to intimidate us into being silent? If indeed the authority is so powerful, why don’t they just nab a few real culprits by tracking their IPs? Are they that helpless? Can you imagine being married to men like these? When they can’t get their ways, they find other methods to get even?

I wish to send a few of these insulting adult e-cards to our higher authority. The e-cards may be offensive to some and only suitable for those 18 years and above. The e-cards from WomanSavers.com are hilarious, spot on and just what these so-called law makers need.

Like for example, Randolph the Online Pervert. Sang to the tune of Rudolph of course. WomanSavers.com Women’s Comedy Adult Ecards are hilarious, offensive and yet, so wicked and good for those assh*les in our lives. If you have a two-timing boyfriend, a cheating husband or someone you want to get even with, you need them, girls.

Have I mentioned that the e-cards are for women only and only those above 18 years of age?

3 thoughts on “When men are being ridiculous

  1. Hallo Lilian! Agree with u that men don’t like their women to open their mouth, it is terrible if women got to open both mouth then where to hide?? Yes men with small ‘ball’ made all sort of ‘wise’ decision.In this case I perfer to be lead by a lady even if she is ‘balless’.I like your food pic look so tasty, ur hubby is a very lucky guy.
    Lastly wish u & ur family a nice day & happy good friday & happy easter day.

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