Come support my 20-comments campaign for Mr. T to reveal his tattoo on his butt

I hate people challenging me. You see, a certain Mr. T said he will reveal his tattoo if I can get 20 comments demanding for it. So, I beh shiok mah. Think so difficult to get 20 comments meh? I can sign in 20 times and posted 20 different comments and no one has to know. In fact, got people post comments in their own blog wan, you know???????


So, during a boring weekend like this,

can all the kind visitors drop a comment here?

But not just any comments. I will tell you what to comment later. In fact, to make life easier for you, tell you what, just

copy any one of the lines below as your comment.


And why in the world I need 20 comments? Because the tattoo is on his butt. And if Mr. T gets 20 comments asking for it, he will allow it on my blog. And if the comment hits 200, he will tattoo I*heart*5xmom too.

So, please copy any one of the below line and post comment, ok?

5xmom 想要Terence 的靶垛tatto

5xmom willen het uiteindetatto van Terence

5xmom veut le tatto du bout de Terence

5xmom wünscht tatto Kolben Terences

5xmom θέλουν το tatto άκρης Terence

5xmom desiderano il tatto di estremità del Terence

5xmom はTerence のバットtatto がほしいと思

너의 개머리판쇠 귀영나팔을 보이십시요

Mostre seu tattoo do butt

Покажите ваш tattoo приклада

Demuestre su tatuaje del extremo

(all the above courtesy of Babel Fish Altavista where everyone can speaks international language)

Or use any language or sentence you like. As long as it is asking for butt tattoo. Like, Wa ai khua lu eh ka’ching tattoo, 5xmom mau blog lu mia pungkok mia tattoo, Tolong En. T tunjuk punggung dan tattoo, Please Mr. T shows your tattoo on the butt to 5xmom’s blog readers. Or anything like that.

The first 20 who posts, I kasi free links and free good karma, wokay?

Have a good Easter weekend, Blessed Easter to all who celebrates the resurrection of the Lord and I am off to do some serious work until I get my quota of comments. Ta Ta!


43 thoughts on “Come support my 20-comments campaign for Mr. T to reveal his tattoo on his butt

  1. Wa ai khua lu eh ka’ching tattoo

    PS : Aiyah, 5xmom wanna see, I also wanna see woi!! What kinda tattoo is it? Eh, pai seh la, but still wanna see X3

  2. Butt Tattoo ? On a blog ? SHOW HER YOUR BIG ARSE ! Seriously, challenging for 200 is a bit too much…

    5xmom はTerence のバットtatto がほしいと思

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  4. Yo, Mr.T where’s the tattoo on your butt!
    Our Mom lilian here wanna see it real desperate one. You better show or we gonna suffer on your behalf from 5xmom!

  5. Yay! Mission accomplished. Mr. T is trapped in KL with some assignments right now. Wait he go back to USA and reply to this, ok?

    Thanks to all who helped me. Kehkehkeh, oi, Ah Kau mana lu mau lari. I never coerced or forced anyone to comment wan.

  6. Wait for me!!!
    What about Hainanese?

    Wa i mo….
    (alamak, mo niang kai ka sui?)
    Mr. T ti bo ti Terence?
    Sorry eh.. bo ti wa i mo ka sui
    5xmom ai mo Mr. T kai ka sui…

    My hainanese pass or not?

  7. Wait! I also want!

    How about comment in foochow?

    Wui ai kang nu li gu young.
    I want see your buttock.

  8. Never saw a tattoo at butt also!

    Anyway, this is in Xin Nin language :

    Ngo oi hai ni keh si fut moon xin, T Xin Sang!


  9. weiii.. make it one from my own Kadazan Membakut language…
    Mr.T Nombo no ih tatu nu uuuh boos nu?
    kada macam-macam… lumahat gia ginavu ku iti…
    ababak tuhu nu!

  10. papajoneh – Wuah, terrornya. So many languages. Hahaha, Mr. T told me he will walk the talk. As soon as he shaved off all the bulu-bulu from his ugly butt and his bisul-bisul are healed, he will show us. Ewww…now I regret asking.

    Bryan!!!!!!! – You are xin ning? That’s 50% of me!!!! Yes, I finally found a xin ning. My mader is a xin-ning and I can understand xin-ning a bit. 50% Hainanese, 50% Xin Ning. There are very few xin ning around so I bet your grandma and my grandma come from the same places in China. Hahahaha.

    itchyhandseng – There is never too many. I hope more will come. Mr. T got nowhere to run now.

    Jun – The more the merrier

    Agnes – Mr. T can understand Hainanese, he got a Hainanese typhoon. But I don’t know if your Hainanese is correct cos I dunno my own father’s dialect. 😛

  11. Celaka! You were not suppose to ASK for 20. Comments should come in spontaneously.

    Anyway, I will walk the talk. Woi! Where got bisul, very smooth and fair one lah. *LOL*

    *Niamah! Naik pedestal!* Ada panas, ada hujan. Ada peluang, mesti balas! Ah Lian, lu jaga ar!

  12. Mr. T – I never ask, I cuma hint. CBlu. I got blog, u dun have anymore so nyek, no chor yat sap ng chance.

    th_c – Wuah…another xinning clan.

    budokid – Heh, let’s try for 40.

    Oi Mr T – You say I can get 40 or not?

  13. Count me in! 🙂

    너의 개머리판쇠 귀영나팔을 보이십시요

  14. 너의 개머리판쇠 귀영나팔을 보이십시요

    Tattoo! Tattoo!!

    Abit too late to get a link hor, so give me good karma please!

    -ah ling-

    P.SL 5xmom! if you’re feeling ‘besar hati’ today I don’t mind the link either XD

  15. My mum’s side is Xin Ning. I talk Xin Ning at home with my grandma all the time.

    Yea, I think our grandmas are from the same place. Maybe they were neighbours. LoL…

  16. ehh ehh.. 25% Xin Ning sini… My mum is the 50-50 one but since granma tidak fasir.. it ended at my mum’s generation..

    Lilian, Bryan, do ya know where about China your fore fathers are from ??

  17. yeah, ada punggong tengok, fair n smooth somemore……..nak jugak! trying to reach the 40 comment quota now……..(^_^) !!

  18. Покажите ваш tattoo приклада

  19. 5xmom 想要Terence 的靶垛tatto

    i want too!!!! hehehe

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