Hottest Male Blogger – #2 KennyNg

Now, here is another hottest male blogger according to the 5xmom. He hails from Penang and is working in KL. I have met him during the Together Gather Bloggers Gathering. A very hardworking committee member who made the event a success. You should see him sweating it out, carrying all those goodie bags from their cars to the ballroom along with the lengjais Frostier, Aceone, SkyKeepYou and the others. So, here is one gentleman who makes good boyfriend. LOL. When you go shopping time, you can bet he will kwai-kwai carry the shopping bags for you.

Take a look at how he cradles the guitar. A guitar shapes like a woman’s curves, right? So, do I need to explain further? Gerenti wan….sure know how to huggie-huggie you wan. And hor…I heard he is quite the si-lais killer too. Just take a look at his comment box and count how many si-lais return again and again to his blog.

1. Your name, URL, Blog Title
Kenny Ng at, Let’s Crap… Let’s Rock!!!

2. You write about?
Musics, classic rock bands, jokes, hamsap stories, my life story, my thoughts…

5xmom’s quote : Wei, girls, men who appreciate music are much more sensitive and interesting wan wei.

3. Still hunting or waiting to be hunted?
Both… hunting and waiting to be hunted by pretty + sexy girl… kekeke

4. Are you vain? (tell us if you go for facial, have permed and dyed hair etc, i.e. if you care for your looks)
Huh? I don’t really care of my look, I only dyed my hair into black because got too much grey hair.

5. Why type of girls turn you on?

Feminine, soft spoken, nice behavior.

6. What do you see first in member of the opposite sex.


7. In 10 years time….you want to be a……(complete the sentence please)
Successful engineer

5xmom’s quote : Huh? Then, girlfriends leh? You interested to hire me to be ‘mui yan’ or not?

8. Do you see a future in blogging? Yes/No, explain please.
Yes, because it’s a powerful tool to write whatever you want and also can earn money (for those really aim for earning money la)

9. Name three blogs you read.
Wingz rojaks daily


Ah Pek (who gives free links)

10. Do you read 5xmom. Yes/No, why?
Yes, because in 5xmom’s blog got macam-macam ada… very fun to read.

Thank you, KennynG for the interview. So, anyone interested to find a Penang mali man? Faster apply here. Penang guys hor…..are better than KL wan you know. ‘Cos smaller towns breed much more polite guys. Serious wan. Penang’s the best! I don’t ask for much wan. If successful, send me a roasted pig with two bottles of XO and an angpow equivalent to USD8,888.

13 thoughts on “Hottest Male Blogger – #2 KennyNg

  1. Agree! Kenny’s HAWT~!

    “men who appreciate music are much more sensitive and interesting wan wei”

    Very true, Auntie! I’m all for men who know the music…Hmm…I’d lke to see Kenny’s guitar collection lah~! Kenny, can bo?

  2. he veli de lomantik wan…

    and plus one extra info exclusively from sky keep you:

    kenny is still a virgin!!! any sexy lady out there wanna un-virginize him please fast fast legister!!! he’s selling like hot cake even hotter than f-1 ticket now!!

  3. haha i agree with the
    “men who appreciate music are much more sensitive and interesting wan wei”
    and the
    ‘Penang guys hor…..are better than KL wan you know’

  4. wa… know music..
    wa.. can play guitar..
    wa.. romantic some more..
    wa.. VIRGIN..

    wawawawa.. *Galfrens rush to see his pic*

    WA~~~~~ *All run away*


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