5xmom like Sisters Act or Boney M ah?

You know, I have been in the choir for a few years already. Used to wear an XL robe which belongs to the men. I was a kelefeh (in training) and got this robe that drag right to the ground and I tripped on it several times. Once I stepped on the end while I was kneeling and when I stood up suddenly, I almost strangled myself because my robe caught in my neck. Haih……the blunders I had. Oh ya, it is awfully hot in the robe and our own clothes. Another time, I sub-conciously fanned my robe from the bottom. LOL. You know how hot air gather and become good insulation? So, I was sitting there fanning my bottom until the auntie next to me noticed and nudged me. “Hoi, what are you doing lah.” Then, only I realised, yahor, looks like I am flashing my skirt like that. Airing the butts. LOL.

I never dare to ask my seniors why lah we must wear this dreary looking robe. Maybe it is a modest clothing? Who knows? In the olden days, Catholic women had to cover their head with a veil when they receive Holy Communion (a symbol of the Body of Christ, which is a piece of wafer dipped in red wine). That’s why we have to wear long, flowing robe? Why not wear something like PussyCat Dolls hor? Or Shakira? Or glittering rhinestones like Boney M? Why like Sisters Act?

I don’t know lah but this is the common robes for all choirs that I had seen. Some rich churches have theirs in velvet. Ours is a modest pure cotton which needs ironing. (Ok lah, I send to DOBI to wash and iron lah). It is so long, it never fits into my wardrobe. So, half the length is always wrinkled.


It is only last year, they finally gave me a robe that fits my petite size. LOL. And today is the first time I have a photo of me in the robe. Funny that it looks rather cheerful in the photo. Heh, maybe it is me who makes everything also cheerful? I have some videos and more photos and will upload that when I figure out how to rip AVI files and save only MP3. Got any free software I can download to do this? AVI to MP3?

(we lighted the candle to renew our baptismal vow, denouncing satan etc etc)

Anyway, we don’t wear this robe all the time, only on certain major feast days like Easter, Pentecost, Christmas and etc. So each time we get to wear it, we have a certain pride to be part of the choir.

9 thoughts on “5xmom like Sisters Act or Boney M ah?

  1. Hmm…looks like graduation lidat minus the square hat. On second glance, yeah, that’s purely Sister Act and I’m a big fansi of Sister Act (esp Whoopi Goldberg) wan…On third glance, upper half looks very the elegant and decent….better cover the bottom half lah…LOL!!!

  2. wahhh…you look very keng in your toga! I see what you mean about them mean pleats!

  3. wa u oso in choir one ka! i oso in choir, but not christian one la haha paiseh paiseh… me pianist in a buddist choir then sing for another small group chamber choir 😀

    and u look very yeng in dat robe oso mah~~

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