Blog Apocalypse – If this is my last post

So, if this is to be my last post….this is probably what I will write.

I am a Catholic and of course, believe in the Apocalypse. But even as a human, I also believe that our time will end one day, some day. Personally, I have asked myself, if I should suddenly stopped writing,will God give me a chance to at least leave a last blog entry? Or will I suddenly become unable to write and express whatever I want and just disappeared?

Well, so let’s pretend that I am no longer going to blog. Therefore, I am going to tell all my readers, whether I know them or not, that I treasure their visits, their comments and I love them all. Many times, a lot of people have given comments that uplift me when I was down and those little words somehow pushed me to move on. So, to all whom I owe my motivation to live life to the fullest, you are all great.

Of course, I started blogging and become reasonably decent (a humbler word for 50 most influential blogger in Malaysia kahkahkah) because of my blog sifu. Without his guidance, scoldings and little secret tips, I will probably not ever going to make it to become a blogger. And not just any blogger but someone who rules the internet with my posts. Now, if I go out and get approached by sales people selling me broadband service, I feel like telling them, “You blind or what? You know who you are talking to or not? You want to explain what broadband is to me? I am da femmes 5xmom, you know?” This is one of the many times that I gained that self-respect that I probably wouldn’t have if I am still NOT-a-blogger.

And knowing how blogging has helped me as an individual, I would like to encourage all, especially women whom had to tear themselves as a wife, mother, daughter, member of the community to be yourself through your blog. Express those feelings that you have as a person first. Be true to your heart, say it out. Blog it and soon, you will have a better value of yourself and that will make you a better person. Once you have the courage to say,”Fuck off” to your blog haters, you will walk taller, head held up higher and eyes sparkle and glint. Remember that you are a woman first, mother, wife, daughter, etc second.

Remember that God says, Love your enemies/neighbours/God/etc as you love yourself. So, if you can’t love yourself first, how are you going to ever love another fully? So, yeah, be so full of yourself on your blog and that love will spread.

So, go on, get on your high horses and be so full of shits, as what our blog haters will tell us. Just tell them, Go fug yourself and give them your middle finger. Because you know you need to be proud of yourself first before you can be a better wife, mother, daughter, worker, etc etc.

19 thoughts on “Blog Apocalypse – If this is my last post

  1. Kenny – ya hor, sekali she tag so many ppl. habis…. especially ppl macam saya
    Lilian- your k-kia, age only small but hor brain and heart no small. I am so proud of him too. I agree with what you say šŸ™‚ will do my duty too

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  3. died after receiving legal orders to shut up. But Poh Huai Bin is still somewhere out there lurking disguising under another name. Gee ! Missed shouting at him and his craziness ! Tag ? Don’t suppose you will get tagged by PDRM or ACA or Prime Minister elite cyber team…

  4. mak aih. talk about a long list of bloggers getting tagged!

    -rin outs in her thinking hat… edehhh… tag lagi! hehe-

  5. lol i not tagged, but this post sure got me thinking about something alright. never thought that bloggers can do charity too šŸ™‚ thanks to UrbanMonk who started this thing. I’ll write something and post tomorrow… šŸ˜€

  6. zewt – This one good wan…makes you think wan.

    conan_cat – I go add yr link now.

    clare – Ya kah.

    zyrin – Hahaha, getting link is good lah, so add more.

    Nor – Nay…they won’t be interested in me.

    melvin – Haiyor…yes lah.

    erina – Hahaha, this wan call monopoly. Semua sapu.

    Kenny – Never mind, you can continue mah, not like I had tagged all. Double tag lor. Cos not everyone read this post and take it.

    urbanmonk – Good idea you have there. Hope you reach the target and the Salvation Army gets the donation.

    mott – Heh, kena balik leh.

  7. yeah… i think you’re right… it’s something that i dont mind doing…

    but think about it… if it’s the end of the world… dont think i wanna spend my time…. blogging… dont u think so?

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