CBS Contest, “As The World Turns”

If you have followed the series “As The World Turns” on CBS, you will know who is Katie and Brad. They are this beautiful couple from the series. So, they are running a contest now and the winner will get both of them in your house to do your house chores!

Oh wow, don’t you want that? I know I would. If I win,I will ask Katie to babysit my kids without having to do any house chores. Just keep my kids occupied while I have Brad all to myself. I wouldn’t want the handsome Brad to do chores for the house, puhleez. Which woman is stupid enough to let a one in a million chance to slip away like that?

Maybe…errm…I will ask Brad to go to the bedroom and help me with some bedroom chores, instead? Well, what about you? Enter the contest and who knows, you may actually have these two celebrities in your home. Plus the chance to win USD5,000.

Click here to enter the contest. Check out both Katie and Brad. I bet all the men will be busy entering the contest, hoping to have Katie in their home, minus the wife, of course.