Malaysia hottest, most influential and strongest (chewah) male blogger – #4 Rojaks

The other day, I took my four years old son to the 16th floor of Federal Hotel. I told him I am taking him to meet Rojaks. So, we got there and I don’t know how this Rojaks bugger looks like. But I was trained to recognise voice so skali I hear, I know liao. But my poor kid kept asking, “Rojaks leh? Rojaks where?” He was searching for Pat Leong Kum lookalike. Then, when we had returned home few days later… atm was flipping through the papers and there was this tiny photo of Rojaks the real one and he suddenly shouted, “Look!!!!! Rojaks!!!!!!” My atm whom had never seen the real Rojaks thought the PIKOM chairman is Rojaks. LOL. And jeng, jeng, jeng….here is my choice of the Hottest Male Blogger #4. HOI, I never say Hottest, SINGLE, male blogger, wokay? You got read properly anot, jek? So, I proudly present my si-heng (brother in crime) the venerable Mr. Rojakz Wingz. He is one of the Most Influential Blogger in Malaysia and now, the Strongest Blog in Malaysia. Dun pway-pway wei, you all bully me, I go call him, skali he whack kau you, you also turned into meat patty, I tell you. wingz.jpg 1. Your name, URL, Blog Title Wingz, Rojaks Daily 2. You write about? As portrayed by the name of my blog, a generic Rojaks blog, Rojaks is actually a mixtures of sugar and salt and dark sauce plus lotsa others shit that you don’t even wanna know about. Which basically means I can write about anything and everything under the sky or in the sea, or in heaven and hell, or in your masterbed-room, or in your mums houz or in your in laws houz or in the whosever houz and even if you are not in any houz you also wont be spared!!! MANA MAU LARI??!!! Oh by the way,

Sex sells!!!

Si-jeh asked : Eh, Si heng, sex sells means what jek? You for hire, issit? I can be your mamasan?

3. Still hunting or waiting to be hunted? Both actuall ¦ have you ever heard of Every hunter is a huntee? No? Well there is a first time for everything isnt it? Everyone is always hunting for something  then in return they will be hunted also, like me  I’m always hunting for lengluis and at the same time  I m being hunted by lotsa AhLongs also! 4. Are you vain? (tell us if you go for facial, have permed and dyed hair etc, i.e. if you care for your looks) I really derno if Im in vain anot but I do have naturally permed curly hair (the one in my storeroom la, not the showroom one!) , I seriously don t care bout my looks because there is nothing much to look at also! . So, Am I in vain? AM I? AM I?!!!! FASTER TELL ME!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!! *Go take anti depressants*

Si-jeh asked : Eh, I thot you want to share with my readers how you use sabun cap kapak for washing your face and using leaves to clean your sifatt loong wan? Why suddenly so see-see-mun-mun?

5. Which type of girls turn you on? (or if you prefer guys, then so its cool too) The rare type, the type that almost no longer exist  . I prefer chicks with looks and brain but if that is not available I prefer want them to come in huge boobies, sexy long legs, kawaii Japanese look with cute dimples and fleshy meaty ass!!!! The last time I saw one lidat it was in this sex shop in Amsterdam a few years ago! DAMN! Should had bought that doll back then!!! *Wheres my anti depressants?*

Si-jeh 8poh again : What rare type lah? The cavewomen with nen-nen hanging down to the ground one? Nay…those dinosaur age one?

6. What do you see first in member of the opposite sex. (or if you prefer same sex, no problem)  this actually depends on what she wanna lemme see first right? If she takes off her blouse first, I mah see the boobies lor. If she stripped the skirt first, I mah see the butt lor. I would be glad to take anything that comes this way! This offer is Not open to guys ok?! strictly girls only!

Si-jeh quoted : Hiaks, hiaks, hiaks….I had edited this reply because I lafu my si-heng and put him on pedestal. His reply was more humble wan.

7. In 10 years time….you want to be a……(complete the sentence please) . what about a bald, fat, wrinkled, 46 years old man that still chase after young chickas? LOL! 8. Do you see a future in blogging? Yes/No, explain please. Of coz! You know why? Because Ayam here!!! I m a vehlee vehlee influential blogger ok? Lemme influence you and we all will have a very bright future in blogging ledi! (hahaha! Niahma I know u guys got bored of this line ledi la! Lemme mention it for a few more times can? Furthermore  its not a self proclaimed title 😛 ) Oh .. Latest update!!! I just learnt that I am also one of the Strongest Blog in Malaysia too!!  So .. you jeles of me yet??!!!

Si-jeh worries : Eh, Si-heng, I think we better stop belagak-ing likedis lah. I kena hacked till sked ledi.

9. Name three blogs you read. 3 blogs?!!! Niahma this is definitely a trick question!!! I KNEW IT!!! Lucky we *influential & Strong* bloggers are well trained to handle this kinda trick questions ledi!!! The 3 blogs I read : Mine, Yours and Theirs! 10. Do you read 5xmom. Yes/No, why? Do I read 5xmom?? You asking me DO I READ 5XMOM ANOT??!!! THIS IS ANODER TRICK QUESTION RITE??!!!! WHO DON T READ 5XMOM ONE GEH??!!! U KIDDING ME RITE??!!! U MEAN U NEVER HEARD? DAY NO READ 5XMOM GERENTI MUNTAH SAMPAI PITAM!! – End of Interbiu – Thank you Rojakz for taking part. Now, ladies, tell me lah. I told Rojakz he handsome but he doesn’t believe wor. You tell me again, got handsome, right? I mean, not the see-liao-also-can-wet kinda handsome but the kind you see also tak jemu right? But hor, handsome or not, Rojakz is a very family man and a very good father. We often shared MSN and talk about parenting. Likedis man, where to find jek?

13 thoughts on “Malaysia hottest, most influential and strongest (chewah) male blogger – #4 Rojaks

  1. Here i am, threatened with a sniper…. forced to say…
    i lap wing long long time… *gulp………………….

    No la… i everytime propose to him geh…. i dont look like piao mei.. so…. he rejected me ler…

  2. same with #1…

    *with petrol gun behind me*

    wingz so leng chai…. very very hensem pinya…

    p/s: i like tat part about cavewomen wif nen-nen drop to ground XD

  3. Wingz is actually a teenager stuck inside an uncle’s body lah. Wakaka… No matter how, you are still my Au Jeong, Wingz!

    Influential got liao, strongest got liao, now hottest also got liao, what’s next? Hehe… Macam macam ada in M’sia blogsphere.

  4. Bryan – LOL, teenager trapped in there? Yayaya, Wingz is the taikor of the blogsphere liao.

    conancat – Hoi, where got lah. Later wingz think I betul betul go MSN the whole blogsphere to komen.

    clement – Eleh, he never read my blog oso. Wanna bodek me only cos he sked I edited his answers. LOL.

    shireen – Shhh….dun tell boss I phone, sms and msn you to ‘faster come komen, if no komen, you no gip face to wings liao’.

  5. i have no choice. he left this on my msn:


    Rojaks veli hensem….

  6. I FULLY SAPPOT WINGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    eh..but wait..i hafta kill him for checking so many chicks out
    *sharpens knife*

  7. Lilian, I were so busy lately preparing myself for the competition but when Lawrence saw this he quickly ask me to read. Wah lau!!! Rojaks got interview ……. jealous lar!!! 🙂

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