What will you do if someone blocks your car like this?


Sometime last week, I took my toddler to the hospital. Both he and I were sick so I wasn’t in the mood to walk very far. In the hot noon day sun, he will demanded to be carried and I was already half-dead. So, I found this single lot of parking available near the hospital building. My car is as broad as my butt. By the time I parked my car inside, I can’t get down. However, it is fine with me because my Naza has a pathway and I can walk to the back and use the back passenger door to get down.

Now, assuming you have parked your car in its proper place but this other car on the right came and park so closed to yours. And you cannot get in the car. Will you have the urge to open your boot, take out a spanner and whack it?

(my dear American readers – heh, as if I have any – We are right-handed, like the Brits)

I asked my Ah Beng friend what will happen if I really do that? I know I can do it if I don’t have my kids watching. It will be so thrilling. Let’s wait for what my Ah Beng friend said. He is the taikor of the AhBengs so watch this space for some community message.

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(siheng, ngo tui mm chee lei jor. 80 amadika mei kum is too hard to resist. Don’t sue me. Ngo oi lei tor tor)

11 thoughts on “What will you do if someone blocks your car like this?

  1. Hey there 5XMom!

    I’ve heard so much of good stuffs about you and finally after weeks (of which i’ve been so busy)…now im free and here i am!

    Keep up the good blog you have here! My first time and many more to come! take care 🙂

  2. mmh, if its not in the hospital area i’ll write on papers with marker pen ” HOW you get your license ???” (back)and another one at the windscreen ” Cannot park properly at the correct place is it?? ”

    But then , .. its at the hospital area woh,that fella might be in a rush .So,i’ll stand and wait .

  3. Usually I will just wait and curse the stiupig driver .At the same time , pi makan lo.. Boh bian mar.. takan go and smash the window pane of the s-tiu-pig fella.. he/she/heshe might be in some sort of toubles … but really Tulang…

  4. u should etched on his car/windscreen/everywhere!


    ps. Your tyreS are punctured”


  5. Proper way to get the asshole to move his car. When get the counter announce it, add with extra fake news: asshole owner of xyz4869,
    – your car windows are smashed and the alarm are disturbing.
    – your car are smashed, please go turn off the alarm when we toll away the car

    And prepare to snap the joker photo.
    Evil 101
    1. Ask you son pee on his car bonnet, or the air intake part of the car
    2. Use superglue to glue 3 tyres. Remember to wear glove.
    3. put superglue on his boot lock.

  6. i always have the urge to do something like this:
    take out screwdriver, stick it firmly out of my driver side window till it touches the other car, then i reverse my car, go in front again, reverse again (do until i am satisfied) and then drive off. hahaha. can r?

  7. to be honest…becoz this is at the hospital..I give benefit of doubt. He panic park…trying to get to his dying mother/father… who knows. I’ll let it be.

    If it was at any other ordinary carpark..I’d do a keysign. A beeeeeyooooooteeefoooooollll one. 😉

  8. I would get in they way you got out. He got there before you. You chose to park there.

    But if he parked after you, then its a different story. Do whatever comes into your imagination but dont call me to bail you from the balai ar. *LOL*

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