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This is a set of questions I prepared. Things that I had wanted to ask but not sure where to find the answers. Do you agree that our Min. of Transport is not giving us enough education on what to do in an accident? How many times have you been caught in horrible jams when two Chao Ah Beng and Chao Ah Lian or some Mat Rempit or Mutu grazed into each other vehicle? Do you feel like winding down the window and scream at them, “Cibai lu, small accident only, go to the side lah! KNN, stupid or what? ”

Ok, ok, even Terence who have seen some of the freakiest accident already call me ‘You so ganas’ (you are so violent). So, I think it is good we learn some of the things and know what to do in an accident. The questions are from me. The answers are from Terence. Beside being my #1 fansee, or is it the other way round?, he is an expert in matters like these. So, next time if you want to settle summons or wanna know what you should do if you kena an accident, come ask me. I only charge RM200 per questions. He gives the answer for free, of course. I charge for forwarding to him.


1. If someone makes me angry by blocking my path or cause me inconveniences, can I whack their car and refused to pay for damages?

NO. You cannot go around whacking others property. But in a case of an emergency, the police/ fire brigade can ‘remove’ the vehicle by any means if it is obstructing their duty.

2) I see a lot of stupid people who block a busy road when all they get are small dents due to some silly accident. They got down and started discussing like they had just killed a person. In small accidents like these, say just tiny dents and bumper drop off, what needs to be done?

Firstly, if the vehicle can still be driven, drive to the side of the road or a safe place that is not obstructing traffic. You can actually be summoned for obstructing the flow of traffic.

If the damages are minor, try to settle it there and then. If a police report is made, the guilty party will be fined RM300.00. You do the calculation. (refer to Q8)

3)If we get an accident, those cilaka Ah Bengs will be swarming all over us, giving instructions like very clever like that. Should we listen and bodoh-bodoh follow their instructions like what to do?

I assume you are referring to workshop operators. Those workshops are registered under PIAM (Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia) to handle accident claims and repairs. They are quite helpful in a way. Because competition is stiff, that’s why you get some claiming to know more than the other. But the claim procedures are the same though.

4) Actually, what is the smart and right things to do in an accident that doesn’t involve any injuries to the drivers?

* Settle it there and then if the damages are minor
* NEVER admit liability
* Note down third party’s particulars (Name, NRIC no, vehicle make/model)
* Note down time and place (Name of road) of accident
* With camera phone and digicams people are so used to carry with them, take a shot of the accident.
* Make a police report within 24 hours
* Inform your Insurance company or your agent
* If you plan to make an insurance claim, the authorized workshop will handle the rest for you

5) Insurance. What are the different classes? Which should we get?

There are 3 different scope of coverage in motor insurance:

Third Party Cover
This cover is combination of :-
(1) Act cover as described above
(2) Indemnity for liability in respect of damage to property belonging to third party

Third party, fire and theft cover
(1) Act cover as described above
(2) Third party cover
(3) Indemnity in the event that the insured vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire

Comprehensive Cover
(1) Combination of Act and Third party
(2) Physical damage to the insured vehicle and its part following accidental
collision and other perils more specifically covered in the policy

Comprehensive would be best.

6) I *touch wood* have never claimed any damages before and my paymaster told me my NCD is very high. How is the rate counted?

A No Claim Discount is awarded when no claims are made for a continuous period of 12 months.

* 1st year – 25%
* 2nd year – 30%
* 3rd year – 38.33%
* 4th year – 45%
* 5th year onwards – 55%

The above discount will apply when you renew your policy.

7) When is it necessary to call the police when we have an accident?

It is necessary to call the police if there are fatalities or major injuries. Or if you are unlucky enough to crash into a 3rd party property like the KLCC. (Don’t worry; the management will call for you then)

8) Say we kena accident and both parties agreed not to make any claims. Like for e.g. I took pity on a younger (poorer) driver and decided to let them go scot free. I very besar hati wan, rite? But then, this cilaka siginah (spoilt kid) went home but his snakey dad decided to nail me for his son’s mistakes. So, the dad went to make a police report saying I caused the accident. Can I be summoned or charged?

No. The snakey parent cannot nail you if you are not guilty. Traffic policemen, loss adjusters/surveyors and claim examiners are experience enough to determine which party caused the accident. (Yes, those Ah Beng adjusters are trained to do that)

9) From statistics, are women the worse driver compared to men?

Surprisingly, MEN. They like to crash their vehicles more. But accidents are caused mostly by fatigue, speed and poor judgment.

10) Why do Ah Bengs like you get your hair dyed blue?

Don’t know. Self-preference I guess. Yau Yeng Kua!

– END OF Q&A –

Now, how many of you have *touch wood* got into an accident? I had a couple of times, minor ones. I will tell you how an old man scolded me bad words because of his own fault. Did I leave out any important questions? And the best revealation – Men are more prone to accidents. Yay to women drivers.

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  1. LOL! I almost wanted to do a write up on this topic as I deal with this kind of cases almost everyday. On Q3, my answer is don’t sign any papers at the site of the accident. Always keep the phone number of your insurer in your vehicle. Most, if not all insurers nowadays have a Helpline which is operated 24/7. Call their number and get them to send their tow truck instead. At least these tow trucks and the workshops would be honoured by your insurer. There are far too many nightmare stories which I can tell you but maybe I will reserve that for my blog posting. Kah! Kah! Kah!

  2. Woi! Q9, statistics ar! Those not reported not counted ar!

    Those like reversing into other vehicle at a parking lot and cabut.

    Rammed into own house punya gate and ask husband to pay for repairs.

    Masuk longkang while parking.

    Engage D intead of R when want to reverse.

    Bwahahahaha! *Cabut, hiding somewhere*

  3. terence – Eh, you working OT hor?


    pablo – Yalah, that’s why I tell you, go start one kacang putih legal cases law blog so that we can know some of these basic things.

  4. kah kah kah..i got into enough accidents to know this much… accidents always happen to you 5 minutes away from where u live. why? becoz you let your guard down and let some cilaka hit you.

    Also, another point..if you ever hit a aunty’s car..and you know it’s your fault…please la..don’t fight cock with her..thinking she scared of you…please la..just admit guilt and pay her the damages la. Just do it…or you’ll dream of her fugly face for the rest of your life!

    kah kah kah kah kah kah…… that last bit is for all the stewpid ahbengs who think their suped-up car can do no wrong one!

  5. Well it’s a very informative post, very useful for me because I’m gonna get a car soon. At least I can remember what to do in case *touch wood* any shit happens on me. Thanx Kmak for putting up this post and thanx Terence for giving information on this!

  6. lol… i got into 2 accidents in 1 month, and my parents forbid me from driving since XD

    useful info here tho! thanks for putting this up… at least now we know what to do. it’s better to know more stuff about da laws to argue with the cb who bang u from behind… you know ler young ppl like me where can fight with those i-eat-salt-more-than-u-eat-rice uncles

  7. Hehehe~! That’s my field of expertise leh. I learnt all that for my couse – Risk Management and Insurance. Yupe, that’s about it for the answers but of course with additional information as well. I will only charge 50% of what Auntie Lilian charged lah…Haahahahahah~!

    This Ah Lian will be your future Loss Adjuster. Kih kih kih kih~!!!!

  8. pablo – Hahaha, true mah, sharing what you know with us ignoramus (right name?) is good what.

    huei – Pink, amber and green. Go figure. Hehehe.

    clement – Hahaha, dun dare to make noise or they call the whole kampung out with parang?

    clare – Oh, issit? Next time, I can run to you liao. Kau meng ah!!!! I just rammed into someone’s car on purpose, AGAIN.

    conan_cat – My son is driving soon. And his bike kena dunno how many times liao. I got more white hairs, more wrinkles over it.

    k-kia – Easier to remember what NOT to do. 1) Argue with lau yee. 2) Argue with lau zhek. 3) Argue with any Ah Beng bigger size than you.

    mott – *touch wood* Whenever I drive alone, I ganas sikit. Whenever I drive with kids, I eat humble pie and let people bully me.

  9. i agree that men are more prone to accidents. but hor the cause of accidents are usually becos of women ..

    example … slowly driving at 30 km/h at fast lane in ldp .. cause careful mah .. so drive slow .. women ..

    example, reveal buttcrack when riding pillon, women ma .. wear low low cut jeans .. BANG .. melvin crash into other car cause saw nice butt crack .. darn

  10. Aunty Lilian,

    i think you’ve missed out on explaining the ACT cover. ACT cover is actually Third Party Bodily Injury cover. Just think of it as Third Party but excluding the damages caused to third party 😀

    Me know my insurance 😀

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