Hottest Male Blogger – #5 Robb

Next on the list is a young man, age 20 years old only. His avatar caught my eyes and after peeking around his blog, I must say that I am impressed with his frank writings. Robb has a boyfriend whom he calls ‘Dear Dear’. It got me thinking..why can’t all men be more in touch with their feelings and express it like Robb? Well, if not as flowery as the way Robb expressed, but at least more sensitive to our women’s needs. Like what we like to hear is not what they normally uttered. Men can be so annoying sometimes, isn’t it?

So, as you know, Robb is very open about his sexuality. Or rather his preferences. Since catching up on his blog, I must say that it opens a new perspective to some things that I never thought about. That’s why I like to feature him. Moreover, he is handsome, ok? Toyboys kinda handsome. LOL.

1. Your name, URL, Blog Title

Robb would do for a name. SotongZai for nick. wld be my URL titled SotongZai’s Flow in the Ocean

2. You write about?

It’s a personal blog, where I express myself openly about my daily life, opinions towards policies, rules, places, food, people and etc. I throw in some humor once in awhile to relate to my encounters in life so when I’d need to look back at the moments I’ve gone through, I would laugh about it no matter what.

3. Still hunting or waiting to be hunted?

Not hunting and not waiting to be hunted. Taken, attached and not available. However, friends are always welcomed to know me.

4. Are you vain? (tell us if you go for facial, have permed and dyed hair etc, i.e. if you care for your looks)

I’m vain if you’d compare me to a straight guy. I wash my face at least 3 times a day (wake up, showers, before sleep), use day cream and night cream with toner (for whitening, I’m so scared I’d be tanned!). I do my hair every time I step out of my house; spend at least 10 minutes doing it. Hair products ranges from wax, clay, mud, matt and finishing spray. I look at mirrors and anything that reflects my image whenever I pass one.
However, if you do compare me to some of my counterparts.. trust me, their stories (vainness) is way superior than mine.

5xmom says…Aiyor… put me to shame. If only I can do half of what you did,i.e. jaga my muka and rambut, maybe I will be young enough to do rap like LaoZharBoh and Wingz won’t say, “I one week oso cannot get erection”

5. Why type of girls turn you on? (or if you prefer guys, then so its cool too)

Actually, girls turn me on too, just that I prefer guys rather than girls. For girls, I would say, long straight hair, fair and cute slim body would do well. Body curve is definitely a plus point for everyone.

Guys, hmm.. cuteness is important. Lean body would definitely mean a lot of attention from my eyes. And I do like fair skin a lot.

Those are for physical appeal. If you’re talking about mentality and inner qualities, I guess communication compatibility would be the most important one for me. After that, definitely is acceptance and tolerance of each other’s own life.

5xmom ponders….Hmm…both oso attracted. That’s a lot of choices then.

6. What do you see first in member of the opposite sex. (or if you prefer same sex, no problem)

Face and Body

7. In 10 years time….you want to be a……(complete the sentence please)

Successful person in Mass Communication related field. Be it front end personnel such as DJ, VJ, Emcee and etc, or Managing Position. Being a lecturer in the same field would be awesome too since I love communication. However in short, the goal of my life, would definitely be to live happily and content. Of course, that means sufficient amount of money to spend and companions (lover, friends and family) around me.

8. Do you see a future in blogging? Yes/No, explain please.

Yes, a great deal of future as Internet is undeniable the most breakthrough media for communication. Advertisers could reach out to their specific audience easier through blogs.

9. Name three blogs you read.

Kenny Sia, 5xmom and Cedric Ang

10. Do you read 5xmom. Yes/No, why?

You’re like a raging teenager except that you’re not. Good enough?

5xmom says…Wuah, am I supposed to be happy? This one is a compliment, hor? I thought I damn ganas. LOL.

The honor is mine, to complete this interview.

– End of interview –

So, ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have all been enlightened to know Robb. I suppose it is not easy being gay because of the challenges they faced. Note that I will not tolerate any funny comments here. So, say hi to Robb and check out his blog. Like I mentioned earlier, I wish you men will have more sensitive feelings. Don’t you girls agree? Tell your stiff upper lip, stone face, kayu boyfriends, husbands etc “Eh, can you be a bit gay or not ah? All those ‘tai nam yan’ belongs in ancient China lah. People talk metrosexual now, wokay?”

20 thoughts on “Hottest Male Blogger – #5 Robb

  1. hahahah that last paragraph so damn funny XD

    Aren’t you awfully close to robbing the cradle, all these cute young guys flirting with you? ahahahaha j/kj/k

  2. some award going on here i see.

    my friend once told me that gay makes the best girl friends. i for once agree.

    ps: sometimes i find itis hard to leave a comment on your post. why ar?

  3. Hehehe…. not bad not bad… some of your hottest male blogger award recipients really ‘yau lieu’ leh… Got anymore or not? How many more can we expect? Are you going to do hottest female blogger one day? (and no lar.. i don’t expect to be on it… hehehe… even though I think I’m pretty hot) =P
    *runs away giggling*
    just kidding lar 😛

  4. Ayooo!, people want to stop blogging now ony want to introduce… btw agak-agak why ar he want to stop blogging? just curious..

  5. Ah Beng – I oso got tricked at first. So drama.

    fire80 – This one is the bloggers’ meme call ‘Blog Apocalypse’

    william – How much you pay me for per laffs..

    AhBeng – You slowly wait lah. I feature myself everyday baru tau. Hahaha.

    Ah Pek – Yes hor…Your eyes so sharp.

    sotongzhai – I hope you like the pic I picked.

    gaman – 🙂

    eevet – Entau, very entau.

    melvinf – Hoi, I only feature lah. But u wanna khau Robb oso he dunwan lah. You not lengjai enuff. LOL. He got boipren liao, dun kacau.

    theodwyn – Female? I sked ler. Dunwan, females very competitive wan, so hard to choose. Males hor, they dun care wan.

    pinksterz – I oso dunno wor, what message you get?

    Gwen – It is the trend mah. Madonna, Demi Moore hampalang got toyboys. So, now, I oso cari. Hahaha. *hide red face*

  6. alexjai – Wei…I never even see a pic of you except that dunno what-what chair use for doing what-what action. How lah am I suppose to claim you panas wor. Hahaha.

  7. woohoo! now i know that i’m not the only gay who writes blogs around!

    thanks lilian for intro-ing, a new blog for us! yay! PLU RAWKS!

    and well actually being gay is not as bad as it seems ler… it’s just a matter of how you think of it. i’m open to my friends too and yeah i’m happy with it 🙂 just that you can’t walk out hand in hand with my boyfriend… awww

  8. so many ppl kena con by me! XD

    the music suits what I wrote right? if a bit more observant, can see the italic words (they form sentences) and also, the big black gap there, for fun meh? haha

    and yea, lilian, i like the picture u picked. 🙂 and thanks guys for the compliments

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